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Practice Exam 2

To improve an athlete's knee extension which is limited due to p! & spasm @ the end range. you perform joint mobs on the tibialfemoral joint. What joint mob is most appropriate and which grade? Grade 3 anterior tibal glide w knee flexed to 25*
AAU bball athlete is completing a rehab program to address his bilateral osgood-schlatter disease. What kind of exercise should the athlete avoid? Closed kenetic chaine, knee flexion exercises beyond 90* of flexion
What exercise demonstrates the appropriate application of cryokinetics? Athlete performs active p! free exercises immediately following immersion of the ankle in ice water until numb
you have chosen to use ultrasound to increase tissue temperature & increase tissue extensibility on an athlete w jumper's knee. What parameters should be selected? 100% duty cycle, 3mHz frequency with a gel-based coupling medium.
Massage contraindication:4dys post 2* ankle sprain w tight red shiny skin;chronic bicep tendonitis w lmted ROM;2wk post ACL repair w norm scar;2dys post cast removal w atrophy; chronic bilat. paraspinal muscle spasm secondary to partially herniated disc 4 days post second degree ankle skin with TIGHT, RED, SHINY SKIN!
What theory of pain managaement is most likely imploid when an AT utilizes massage to stimulate myofascial trigger points? Gate theory with endogenous opiod analogue
Prior to completing grade 4 joint mobs an AT chooses to use ultrasound to create vigorous tissue heating to stretch collagen. What degree of tissue temp increase is required to achieve treatment goal? 4degrees celcius
you are treating a hamstring belly strain. your goal is to increase tissue temp of the affected muscle. the treatment area is about 8X20in. What method would you use? split are in 1/2 and use 2 identical ultrasound treatments
What is the biomechanical rationale for the use of a forearm strap in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow? Modify the pull of the extensor-supinator mechanism at this origin
A soccer player is returning to limited participation drills following a MCL & medial meniscus injury. What type of knee brace is most appropriate? A functional medial hinge brace
What is the most appropriate orthotic for an athlete with turf toe? A full-length semi rigid orthotic with a rigid forefoot extension
An athlete presents with itching, skin erruptions, swelling, & skin hemorrhageson and about the L knee following use of a neoprene sleeve during practice. How would you manage this athlete? Discontinue use of neoprene sleeve & provide the athlete with an antihistamine medication
A physician holds a weekly clinic in the ATR 2 mornings a week. he has requested permission to store & dispense a few select Rx from the ATR. How do you respond? You agree with the stipulation that a DEA facility certificate be obtain and that in the signed physician agreement you are listed as an agent assigned by the DEA
Following an injury an athlete exhibits the characteristics of the bargaining stage of the Kubler-Ross classic model of reaction to death and dying. Which stage is this athlete most likely to enter next? Depression
Which is a rescue inhaler: Azmacort; Serevent; Albuterol; Advair; Singulair Albuterol
An athlete complains of a dry irritating cough that is keeping her up at night. What type of medication do you advise her to obtain @ the drug store? Antitussive
An athlete who recently prescribed imitrex for migraine headaches is demonstrating increased BP in which section of the PDR can this be varified as a possible side effect? Product information section
An athlete has reached the last phase of ACL rehab. you have assessed knee extension & he lacks 5* terminal knee extension. What rehab component should be added to address this limitation Prone extension hangs with distal position weight
A bball player sustained a grade 1 lateral ankle sprain during 1st half, he has iced & @ half time was taped. what criteria will you use to determine if he can play in 2nd half? Functional testing: succesfully sprint, hop on injured ankle, & perform defensive slides
you are completing a D2 lower extremity PNF strengthening pattern. while performing D2 flexion the athlete is not completing the required ankle motion. What adjustments should be made to improve exercise? Apply more pressure on the dorsal surface of the foot and verbally encourage dorsiflexion
You are using intermittent comperssion to treat post-acute edema following a knee injury of your starting point guard. Which assessment technique would provide the best determination of the efficacy of your treatment? Girth Measurements
An athlete with degenerative disk disease has been completing a core stabiliztion for 6 months & is becoming discouraged by lack of improvement. What tool provides an objective mean to show the athlete she is making progress? Activity Pattern Indicators pain profile
During preseason training a memeber of soccer refrains from eating & drinking during daylight hours. How do you assist this athlete? Acknowledge his religious convictions and ensure that he gets caloric & fluid intake during the evening hours
An athlete undergoing a rehab program has become non complient by missing appointments & not completing his home exercises. What action can you take to improve the athlete's compliance? Actively involve the athlete in the goal-setting & rehabilitation planning process.
How can you best explain to an athlete why she is no longer feeling pain but is not yet ready to return to competition? She is in the biroblastic repair phase of the healing process and the scar tissue has created a stable area but the tissue has not returned to preinjury type & strength
An athlete has subcondral contusion and osteochondral defect with associated loose body. the physician recommends a micro fracture procedure to address the condition. how would you explain this diagnosis & treatment to the athlete? You have injured the cartilage and the bone at the end of your leg bone. you need surgery in which tiny holes will be drilled into the injured cartilage to promote healing.
a freshman athlete at your college has type 1 diabetes & is having difficulties managing her condition with the demands of school & athletics, & living on her own for the 1st time. What recommendations should you make to best assist this athlete? Recommend she attend a weekly diabetes support group run by a dietitian at a local hospital
You are conducting an educational session for your athletes on substance abuse. What signs & symptoms may indicate a substance use disorder? Arriving late to practice or class & overreacting to real or imagined criticisms
Which of the following cognitive based relaxation strategies aims at eliminating negative thoughts that are linked to the spiralling effects of anxiety? Thought stoppage and reframing
A soccer player who has had 2 successive knee surgeries begins to demonstrate signs of addiction to pain meds. How should the ATC intervene? Im concerned about you bc over the past month your behavior has changed and although I am not judging you I feel you may have a problem
An established EAP is an essential element in an institution's policy & procedure manual. What should be includd in a P&P but NOT an EAP. Personnel attire requirements
a softball player is referred to an ENT after being struck by a ball in the nose. What is the most important document that should accompany the athlete to this off campus health care facility? Medical referral paperwork & insurance information
An ATC who uses a therapeutic modality in a contraindicated manner could be found guilty of which type of negligence? Misfeasance
You have been subpoenaed to provide testimony regarding a previous student athlete's medical condition. What guidelines should you observe to safeguard your credibility? Discuss your testimony wit an attorney prior to giving it in the courtrom & never guess
What is one of the two overarching goals of the NCAA drug testing program? Remove pressure on athletes to take drugs to win
Your ATS would like to have a pizza party in the ATR during the lunch hour. Why do you have to cancel the party? OHSA reguations prohibit eating & drinking in work areas where there is a reasonable likelihood of occupational exposure.
When updating an ATR facility what accommodations must be made during the renovations to comply with Title III of the Americans with Disablities Act? Istallation of accessible paper cup dispensers at water fountains
What is illegal to ask to potential employees during an interview How many children are you planning to have?
What document can assist a head ATC at a college or univerity justifying hiring additional staff? NATA's recommendations and guidelines for appropriate medical coverage in intercollegiate athletics
What step is after negotiations in the purchasing process? complete and submit a requisition
What records would be protected by HIPAA not FERPA? Records of counseling sessions with the high school psychologist
What questions is aswered by the assessment portion of an initial medical evaluation? Why does this patient require rehabilitation skills & services?
In what way would the use of a signed authorization to treat statement differ when used in an outpatient rehab clinic as compared with a high school/college AT setting? In a high school, the statement is obtained pior to the start of the season
What would be the most effective method of developing a professional rapport with your team physician develop a professional work atmosphere in which the physician is an importatn and itegral part of the program
you are traveling with the bball team to an away match. you stop byt the ATR to meet the host atc & to introduce yourself. why is it important to take time to converse with the host atc? to make a professional networking connection
which of the following CEU activities would most likely be denied if submitting by a ATC for credit? serving as an AT for a district all-star game
you find out that a ATC at another school has been consuimg alcohol during work hours. what following codes in the individual violating? NATA code of ethics
you are the head ATC at a small univerity. Your spouse is a sales rep for an apparel chain. you encourage the athletics department and coaches to select your spoues company. what is this? Legal but unethical
Foundational behaviors relate to principle of right conduct and the common values of the profession. What is an example of a foundational behavior as identified in the NATA educational competencies Using evidence based practice as a foundation for the delivery of health care
what branch of the government handles therapeutic modalities? FDA
A female employee confides in you that she feels she is being sexually harassed by a mae colleague. what is an apporpriate action? call HR and request to discuss her concerns
One of your rowers has missed several weeks of classes while being treated for mono. his mother contacts you and asks you to facilitate obtaining current grades & assignment in each class. How should you respond? Inform her that the Buckley Amendment prohibits you from obtaining and sharing his grades
How does a PPO differ from an HMO? Patients have the right to choose which services they elect to receive and who is providing the services
An athlete has medicaid as the primary insurance company. what does this mean? the athlete has met the criteria for federal and state regulated insurance covereage
you are speaking at a PTA @ a local high school on why they should lobby for a full ATC to care for their athletes. What is the best argument? the prescence of an ATC decreases the odds against negative outcomes from an injury thus decreasing potential liability issues
What does the designation indicate? fellow status in the NATA
If you want to work as an ATC in the industrial setting which knowledge and skill set would be most helpful in securing this position? Workplace ergonomics
A soccer player breaks one of your policies and the coach goes to the AD to override your decision. The AD allows the player to get on the bus & play. What recourse do you have? None, the AD has the final say
What was the outcome of the 2008 anti-trust fair practice law suit between the APTA and the NATA? The lawsuit was settled; the settlement centers on a joint statement of cooperation
Created by: vech13
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