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TKaMB vocab 1

vocabulary in To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 1

ambled to walk at a slow, leisurely pace
apothecary an early form of pharmacist, could also supply drugs
assuaged to assuage is to lessen or to calm. Therefore, if Jem's fears about being able to play football were assuaged, it means that he no longer feared that he wouldn't be able to play the sport.
beadle a minor city official, lower in rank than either a sheriff or a policeman, whose main duties revolve around preserving order at various civil functions such as trials and town hall meetings.
brethren in this case, members of a particular church or sect
corsets a corset is a ladies undergarment designed to produce a particular effect on the figure. That effect usually results in a slim (or slimmer) waist and larger busts and hips, like the woman in this picture.
dictum in this case, a formal statement of principle
domiciled A domicile is a house or a place where a person lives. If you are domiciled somewhere, that is where you live. The Finch family lived in the northern part of the county.
eaves the lower edges of a roof which usually project beyond the side of a building
foray When you make a foray, you go somewhere or do something that is unusual or not normal for you. It was certainly not Jem's usual behavior to go near the Radley house; thus, doing so was a foray for him.
human chattels slaves
impotent powerless. Simon's fury and anger regarding the Civil War would certainly have been impotent because there would have been nothing he could have done about it.
impudent To be impudent is to be shamelessly bold, as if you don't care what anyone thinks about you. Since the Haverfords did something illegal in front of witnesses, Lee rightfully describes them as impudent.
malevolent evil
Methodists members of a branch of a Protestant Christian denomination.
picket a pointed or sharpened pole or stake. Many pickets held together can make a picket fence.
piety devotion to religious duties and practices
predilection a predilection is a preference, or a preferred way of doing something. Thus, the Radley's preferred way of spending a Sunday afternoon was to keep the doors closed and not receive visitors
ramrod rigid, severe, straight
repertoire was vapid a repertoire is all the special skills a person has; vapid, in this case, means boring or uninteresting.
scold A scold is a person who scolds; that is, someone who often finds fault with people or things (and usually lets you know about it under no uncertain terms)
spittoon a jarlike container to spit into; usually used to spit tobacco juice into.
strictures conditions or rules
taciturn almost always silent. Apparently, Aunt Alexandra's husband was a very quiet man.
unsullied something that is unsullied has been basically untouched or unused. The fact that Atticus's edition of the Code of Alabama is unsullied would, in this case, indicate that he seldom consults this book.
veranda a portico or porch with a roof
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