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Mango House

title The House on Mango Street
author Sandra Cisneros
cover red house with a woman looking aout a window
setting Chicago
what are the 5 main themes sexism, racism, classism, immagration, adolescense
how many vignettes are there 44
the house on mango street past houses, describes house, best house yet, not nearly what they wanted
hairs describes the family's hairs
boys & girls seperate worlds, borthers dont talk to them outside the house
my name spanish good, english bad, grandmother gets kidnapped, new name of the real her
cathy queen of cats describes neighborhood, has to move because neighborhood is getting worse
our good day made new friends rachel and lucy, made cathy mad, buys bike with other kids, all share bike
laughter houses looked like mexico, sisterhood
Gil's furniture bought & sold turns on lights only for people with $, broken tvs, music box
meme ortiz real name juan, two named dog, meme broke both arms winning contest
louie, his cousin & his ohter cousin puerto rica, marin the older girl, cousin stole a car, wrecked the car when chased by popo
marin getting married when she goes back to puerto rico, bad girl, waiting for star to fall
those who dont strangers scared of sharp knives, safe until near other race
there was an old woman she had so many children she didnt know what to do kids are big problems, dont listen to anyone, one of them falls and goes splat
alicia who sees mice trying to get an educaiton, lost mom got mom jobs, afraid of father
darius & and the clouds picks on girls
and some more thirty different names for snow, names clouds, fights with rachel and lucy
the family of little feet mom gives them high heels, mr benny warns them, bum offers a dollar for a kiss, never wear them again
a rice sandwich wants to eat at canteen, ends up eating there for 1 day and crying
chanclas goes to party, dances great but feels really bad about her shoes
hips songs about how helpful hips are while double dutching,nenny is oblivious
the first job gets her first job, gets attacked by birthday boy
Created by: evan787