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O & A


What is Power? The potential to influence others.
What is authority? The aspect of power, grante to either groups or indviduals, that legitimizes the right of the group or individual to make decisions on behalf of others
What is the zone of indifference? A hypothetical boundary of legitimacy, outside of which requests or orders will be met with mere compliance or refusal
What is the Honeymoon effect? The period of time, usually immediately after arrving in a new position, in which persons are more likely to be grante extra authority to make decisions
What is scientific management? a collection of management theories developed in the early 1900s whose emphasis is on the strict control of work to maximize production through increases in efficiency
What is the Hawthorne effect? Also known as the placebo effect. A phenomenon that occurs when the subjects in an experimental study alterthat behavior simply bc of the process of being studied
What organization is the oldest and largest health care standards organization in the country? JCAHO [Joint Commission on Accreditation
What are allies? Persons who exhibit a high level of support for a plan.
Who are opponents? Persons who support a particular program but dispute the implementation of a plan related to that program
Who are bedfellows? Persons who exhibit support for a particular plan but who have a history of trustworthy behavior and vacillation
Who are adversaries? Persons who are unsupportive of both a program and a particular plan related to the program
Medical documentation by an ATC is required to ensure that ______ established by NATA & NATABOC are met Professional Standards
Two basic types of records an ATC must learn to differentiate are? Medical & Program administration
What is Problem-oriented medical records [POMR]? A medical record keeping organizes information around the physcially active patient's specific complaints
What is focus charting? a medical record that registers a patient's compaint data, the health care practitioner's actions, & the patient's response
What is FERPA? Federal Education Records Privacy Act; Government regulation that requires edcuational institutions to receive formal written consent from students before educational records are released to a third party
An ATC must always follow the rules and regulations established by HIPPA? T or F? False
An authorization for release of health info under HIPPA is not valid unless it contains a statement informing a patient that his or her health info could be disclosed by the persons to whom the info is being provided. T or F? True
HIPPA defers authority over access to the health records of minors to the individual states. T or F? True
Copies of medical records used to document insurance claims should be maintained in the insurance folder of the patient. T or F? False; The medical records are protected by HIPPA & should have their own folder
Correspondence with insurance companies and 3rd party payers should be maintained ina separate file from a patient's or athlete's medical records. T or F? True
What is a budget? A plan for the coordination of resources & expenditures. Serves as a tool for estimating receipts & disbursements over a period of time.
What is a spending-ceiling model budget? A type of expenditure budgeting that requires justification only for thos expenses that exceed those of the previous budget cycle. also known as the incremental model
What is a spending-reduction model? A type of ugeting used during preiods of financial retrenchment that requires reallocation of instiutional funds, resulting in reduced spending levels for some programs
What is zero-based budgeting? A model that requires justification for every budget line item without reference to previous spending patterns
What is fixed budgeting? a method in which expenditures and revenues are projected on a monthly masis, thereby providing an estimate of cash flow
What is variable budgeting? a method requiring adjustment of monthly expenditures so that they do not exceed revenues
What is lump sum budgeting? a method that allocates a fixed amount of money for an entire program without specifying how the money will be spent
What is performance budgeting? a method that allocates funds for discrete activities
What are the 6 basic steps in the purchasing process? request for quotation, negotiation, requisition, purchase order, receiving, accounts payable
What is a request for quotation [RFQ]? a document that provides vendors with the specifications for bidding on the sale of goods and services
What is bidding? a process whereby vendors provide cost quotations for goods and sevices they wish to sell
What are negotiations? the process of bargaining & are an important part of the purchasing process
What is capital equipment? Expense of durable equipment that often makes up the bulk of the rehabilitation & therapeutic modality inventory. Purchases are infrequent & costly
What are medium-priced annual rebuys? Purchases of services that require annual renegotiation [i.e: salaries, physician consulting fees ambulance services, etc]
what are lower-cost consumable supplies? constitute the bulk of the supply budget. [i.e: tape, pre-wrap, meds, etc.]
Why Document? Legal protection, Memory Aid, Legal requirements, professional standards
What is charting by exception? A type of medical record that notes only those patient responses that vary from predefined norms
What is narrative charting? a method of recording the details of a patient's assessments and treatments using a detailed, prosebased format
What is athletic accident insurance? a type of insurance policy intended to reimburse medical vendors for the expenses associated with acute athletic accidnets
What are exclusions from insurance? situations or circumstances specifically not covered by an insurance policy.
what is a rider? Additions to a standard insurance policy that provide coverage for conditions that are normally not covered
What is an insurance premium? the invoiced cost of an insurance policy?
What is catastrophic insurance? a type of accident insurance designed to provide lifelong medical, rehabilitation, & disablility benefits for the victims of devastating injury
What is disablity insurance? insurance designed to protect an athlete against future loss of eaning because of disabling injury or sickness
What is primary coverage? a type of health, medical, or accident insurance that begins to pay for covered expenses immediately after a deductible has been paid
What is secondary coverage a type of health, medical, or accident insurance that begins to pay for covered expenses only after all other sources of insurance coverage has been exhasted. Also known as excess insurance
What is Malfeasance? The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.
What is misfeasance? an act that is legal but performed improperly
What is Nonfeasance? The intentional failure to perform a required duty or obligation.
What is breach of duty? Failure to satisfy ethical, legal, or moral obligations, specially where someone has a corresponding right to demand the satisfaction.
What is tort? A negligent or intentional civil wrong not arising out of a contract or statute
What are the 6 steps in the ordering process? RFQ, Negotiation, Requisition, Purchase order, receiving, accounts payable
What is requisition? simply a written request to expend institutional funds for needed resources. Submitted to the institution/place of work. Can be either formal or informal.
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