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Animal Farm Words 12

Animal Farm Spelling Words and Definitions

Cud Partially digested food
Foal A colt
Knacker A horse slaughter
Mangel A beet
Tush An animals tusk
Ecstasy Great joy
Gambolled Played or frisked
Scullery A kitchen
Stove Kicked
Unalterable Unchangeable
Vivacious Lively
Acute Sharp
Chaff The wasted part
Cockerel A rooster
Cryptic Mysterious
Indefatigable Untiring
Paddock A small fenced in field
Ignominious Dishonorable
Impromptu Without preparation
Blithely Without concern
Disinterred Dug up
Gaiters A covering for shoes
Maxim A saying
Pretext An excuse
Publican A tax collector
Silage Food for animals
Sordid Dirty or foul
Capitulated Gave up
Clamps Brick enclosures
Countenance The facial expression
Gilded Colored golden
Infanticide Baby killing
Pervading Filling
Spinney The woods
Stupefied Astonished
Beatifically With complete happiness
Lamentation Sorrow
Retinue A group of serves and accompanies
Skulking Concealing
Unscathed Unharmed
Wistful Wishful
Bon mot A joke
Dregs Sediment in wine
Eminent Important
Filial Like a child
Haughty Grand
Incumbent Necessary
Taciturn Reluctant to talk
Arable Farmable
Repose Rest
Solicitor An agent
Contemptuously Despisingly
Demeanor Behavior
Stratagem Idea
Superannuated Advanced age