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Release exterior WC

PCOM Herbs 4 Formulas that Release the exterior WC

Which TCM Formula would you usPinyin and EnglishChiefs
√Which Rx for HA from Ext Contracted Wind and in any part of the head, fever and chills, dizziness and nasal congestion with a thin white tongue coating and floating pulse? CHUAN XIONG CHA TIAO SAN, Chuangxiong Powder to be taken with green tea. rhinitis, sinusitis TEST -Chiefs: Chuang xiong (shaoyang and jueyin, temporal and orbital HA), Bai Zhi (yangming, frontal HA), Qiang Huo (taiyang, occipital HA), D: Xi Xin (shaoyin, orbital HA)
Which Rx for Ext contracted Wind Cold at the Greater Yang (Taiyang) warp stage with fever & chills, no sweat, stiff neck & upper back and a floating tight pulse? soemtimes diarrhea GE GEN TANG, Kudzu Decoction; other pattern, Simultaneous Taiyang & yangming syndrome. Ext syndrome +diarrhea Ge Gen
Which Rx for Ext WC Exterior Xu with fever & chills unresolved by sweating, HA, aversion to wind, stiff neck, nasal congestion, dry heaves, no part thirst and a floating,moderate pulse? GUI ZHI TANG, cinnamon twig decoction Da Zao helps Bai Shao preserve the ying and boost MJ. Sinusitis, URI TEST- C: Gui Zhi & D: Bai Shao plus the 3 sweets (Da Zao, Zhi Gan Cao, Sheng Jiang)
Which Rx for Ext WC (year round common cold) with HA, stiff neck, nasal obstruction, runny nose, aches and pains, fever with chills or ATW, NO SWEAT JIA WEI XIANG SU SAN, Augmented cyperus and perilla leaf powder. Mild Wind cold. Zi Su Ye & Jing Jie
Which Rx for Ext WC with Qi stagnation in the interior with fever, chills, HA, stiffness, runny nose, bodyaches, ATW, poor appetite, belching, focal distension, chest oppression, stifling sensat in the epigastrium, thin, white coat, dusky, floating, wiry. XIANG SU SAN, cyperus and perilla powder. stomach flu, ext syndrome with qi stagnation Zi Su Ye
Which Rx for Wind cold damp in the muscle layer with internal heat? JIU WEI QIANG HUO SAN, Nine Flavor noptygerum powder Qiang Huo
Which Rx for initial stages of cold damage with HA, heat in the flesh and a surging pulse? CONG CHI TANG, scallion and soybean decoction. Cong Bai and Dan Dou Chi
Which Rx for Wind Cold, Ext XS Taiyang bing, cold damage pattern with chills, no sweat, HA,BA, NO SWEAT, WHEEZING, floating tight pulse? MA HUANG TANG, ephedra decoction- ASTHMA, FLU, BRONCHITIS MA HUANG & GUI ZHI, XING REN & ZHI GAN CAO
Which Rx for Mild Wind cold San Ao Tang, - minus gui zhi
Which Rx for exterior cold with interior heat. Thunderstorm of pathogens DA QING LONG TANG increase ma huang, +shi gao, sheng jiang and Da zao
Which Rx for EXT WC with internal rhuem, more chills than fever, no sweat, cough, wheezin,copious sputum, white and stringy, dif to expectorate, focal dist, hvnss in bdy, dif breathing while lying down, moist glossy coat, floating, tight pulse. XIAO QING LONG TANG, Minor Bluegreen Dragon Decoction. Rheum and Asthma, Ma Huang Tang Pattern plus Cold fluids in the lung. Emphysems, Bronchia Asthma TEST- Chiefs: Ma Huang and Gui Zhi Hot herbs: Gan Jiang & Xi Xin=warm interior, transform thin mucus, help chief release ext. Ba Xia- dry damp, harmonize st WU WEI ZI= prevents leakage of lung qi, corrective asst
Created by: tcmjenn