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zakki heartful

english vocabulary 1

admonish warn or advise
salvage to save
spasmodic cant control
umbridled unrestrained,uncontrollable
dilemma problem
Diffuse spread out
commandeer take by force or authority
Cumbersome awkward or clumsy or hard to tame or stop or no movement
deadlock standstill
efface wipe out or rub out
opinionated strong ideas and dont care about nobody elses but yours
breach to break
brigand group organized for a task
perennial plant or lasting a long time
predispose give out infomation or something before hand
relinquish give up
debris scattered remains
muddle mix up; confuse
spurious fake; not genuine
circumspect cautious
Adjourn suspend(a meeting) for a time
Alien foreighn or a person from another country or different
Comely attractive
Compensate make up for or pay
dissolute vanish or disperse and not dealing with right or wrong (no morals)
Erratic irregular; odd
Expulsion a force out
Feint pretended attack, as in boxing
Fodder coarse food for a cattle, horses, etc or raw material
Fortify to strengthen, enrich, etc
Illegible hard or impulssible to read
Jeer ridicule-n dersive comment aka talk about
Lucrative profitable
Mediocre ordinary;average
Proliferative Increasing rapidly
Subjective Conquer
Sully soil,stain,defile, etc
Tantalize tease by promising something but withholding it
Terse short and clear; consise
Unflinching stead fast (show no fear)
Abridge shorten, as in words
Adherent support a cause of belief
Altercation noisy dispute
Cherubic Angel, pictured as a chubby child with wings
Condone forgive or overlook
Dissent disagree
Eminent high or very noticable aka famous
Exorcise drive out ( an evil spirit) by prayer
Fabricate false information
Irate very angry
Marauder raider
Obesity Very fat
Pauper person thats very poor
Pilfer steal;fish
Rift crack; split of friendship or relationships
semblance likness
surmount overcome or climb over
Terminate stop;end
Trite worn out or stale
Usurp take by foce and without right
Created by: Grandpa Lalaa