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Death of aSalesman

background information&Kernan's satire

won what two awards Puliter Prize & New York Drama Critics Circle Award
one of the most performed and adapted plays Death of a Salesman
what myth did it address the myth of the American Dream
what universal thing did the play address hopes & fears of middle-class America
what shallow thing did it promise happiness through material wealth
Willy's situation is supposed to equates to audience's own compromised ideals
play is also revered for its ________ _______ and ____________ _________ bold realism; riveting theatricality
when was Arthur Miller born 1915
Miller's parents were _________ __________ that came to America Jewish immigrants
who was Miller's base for Willy Loman his father's experiences
what play furthered Miller's reputation The Crucible (1953)
where did Miller's writing skills & interest in social causes grow University of Michigan
in the mid-1950s Miller was living a life of a celebrity after his divorce with _____________ Monroe
Miller continued to experiment with forms of drama creating a variety of works throught the _____ and________ 1970s and 1980s
1996-at the age of 81 what was Miller doing still writing; specifically he was working on adapting The Crucible for film
economic prosperity of 1940s did what for America? push the country forward
Willy Loman suffers from the effects of ________________________, ___________ while trying to __________ the necessities for his family relying too much on credit, struggling to keep up his payments; provide
how does Willy reflect the Cold War attitude Willy's preoccupation with his financial status and his position in society
What happened to the American people and their position in the world after the Cold War? it changed
what attitude did the AMerican people have after the Cold War? always wanted to be the best
the US went from a nation of rugged individualists to a nation of people who wished desperately for acceptance by their peers
growth of large corporations and the spread of mass communnication led to the desire to conform to norms and values of the majority
themes: appearance vs. reality
themes: individual vs. society; self (internal conflict)
themes:American Dream is it all that?
Miller's style is grounded in realism
Miller is known for reminiscences and imaginary sequences (flashing back & forth) (the Inside of His Head) as well as instructions for setting and expressionism
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