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* Cook 8 Canada

* Cook Unit 8 Exploring Canada Test

What happened to the region now known as Quebec as a result of the Seven Years' War? The territory went to Great Britain.
Today the majority of Quebec's population is made up of descendants of French colonist
What does bilingual mean? Two languages are spoken.
What environmental issues have Canada and the US worked together to solve? Air, clear-cutting, and water pollution
Where do most Canadians live? Most Canadians live in large urban centers near the U.S. border.
How are the US and Canada's economies linked? NAFTA established free trade, they are each others biggest trading partners,and the value of the US dollar has a big impact on the value of the Canadian dollar.
What was the purpose of NAFTA? increase trade
What is the money that people use in a country called? currency
What are the official languages of Canada? English and French
What is the most common religion of Quebec? Roman Catholic
Someone who wants Quebec to be its own country is called what? separatist
Which part of Canada has subarctic and arctic climate? North
The goal of the independence movement was for Quebec to be an independent country
What climate feature keeps most Canadians living in the southern part of the country? The north has very cold winters and cool summers.
Canada is the World's second largest country in land area. Which country is first? Russia
How would one describe Canada's population? Canada has a small population compared to the size of its land area.
Where do people in Canada live? Most Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.
Why is it easy for Canada to trade with the US? They share a border.
Why does Canada and US work together to solve the problem of acid rain? US is the source of most of Canada's air pollution.
What are the effects of acid rain? Fish die, forests die, statues begin to decay
What important industry is supported by the Canadian shield's many valuable minerals? Mining
Why does Canada work with the US to clean up the Great Lakes? The two share the water.
How would one describe Canadian independence? Canada achieved a peaceful independence over a long period of time.
What happened as a result of the US / Canadian agreement to eliminate tariffs? Trade between the countries increased.
What is a constitutional monarchy? the people rule but the king or queen is the head of state.
How does acid rain affect the environment? It kills trees.
The St. Lawrence Seaway enables ships to move from one water level to the next.
What is a problem related to clear cutting? Animals lose their habitats.
Forests cover over half of Canada. How is this an important resource? they make products out of wood like lumber and plywood.
How is Canada's gov. different from the US? Canada has a monarch (a Queen or King)
What is a tariff? a tax on imports
Why do people in Quebec want independence? French descendants feel their culture is being lost.
The movement for Quebec independence was known as Quiet Revolution.
What is immunity? Natural resistance to disease.
What is a Francophone? Someone who speaks French as a first language
What is a separatist? A person living in Quebec that want the province to break away from Canada.
What is a referendum? Whenever a person gets to vote on an issue.
What is acid rain? Polluted rain that can be toxic to fish and plants
What is interdependent? To rely on others
How are countries interdependent? The decisions that one country makes affects the health and well being of another country. Pollution often travels.
What is NAFTA? An agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the US to have free trade.
What is fossil fuel? fuel that is formed over millions of years from the remains of animals and plant life.
What is fossil fuel? fuel that is formed over millions of years from the remains of animals and plant life.
Where are Canada's landforms? Be sure to study your map. There will be map questions.
Created by: kcook