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Hem's Indo 1

Indonesian; appearances/descriptions

Bahasa IndonesiaBahasa Inggris
berbadan kecil small framed
rambut yang diekor kuda to have a ponytail
sedangkan whereas
panggil saja just call me
berpenampilan lumayan reasonable looking
berotot muscly
kepribadian personality
kursus jarak jauh distance education course
menarik hati to capture hearts
kami berlima the five of use
akrab close/intimate
alis eyebrow
anggota member
anting-anting earring
badan body
bahu shoulder
begitu juga saya as i am
bekas luka scar
beranak to have young
berbulu hairy
berkencan to go on a date
berkilat shiny
berombak wavy
berputera to have children
bertindik pierced
menantu inlaw
tukang listrik electrician
Suami Husband
putera son
puteri daughter
Kemenakan nephew
anak tunggal only child
Akuntan accountant
diajak invite
sok tahu know it all
selain other than
bergurau joke around
contoh example
tegas strong willed
pantang taboo
menyerah give up
menyerahkan surrender
alat equipment
keranjang basket
bertanggung jawab responsible
tanda sign
menandai indicate
hormat respect
berhasil succeed
dicapainya complete
meskipun eventhough
berusaha tries
digunakannya use
Created by: heminee