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Ramp Safety


Allegiant's highest priority and your most important job is _______ Safety
Safety must guide your every ______ _____ and ______ act, action and reaction
Ramp safety begins with ____ you
Only in an extreme emergency where life is threatened or property damage is imminent is ____justified. running
Each station must comply with established corporate procedures unless local procedures are more ______ stringent
Ramp safety is directly related to your ____ on the ramp conduct
Safety equipment that has been developed for use in promoting personal safety and protection is known as ______ PPE.....Personal Protective Equipment
The proper and consistent use of safety equipment is the total responsibility of the _____ you
Stopping GSE on wet surfaces requires a longer______. Adjust your _____ accordingly. distance, speed
When lifting, if you are in doubt, ask for ______ with the lift assistance
Aircraft parking wands all into two classes: _____ day wands and ______ night wands. Fluorescent Day, Lighted Night
The two aircraft safety zones are the _____ zone and the _____ zone. Aircraft Clearance Zone, Aircraft Buffer Zone
Only upon confirming that the _____ is set, will the towbar and bypass pin be removed. parking brake
Any up-line or en-route damage must be found and reported within _____ minutes of flight arrival. 15 min
The aircraft parking team at Allegiant Air will always consist of at least ____ people. 3
_____ anyone not wearing a SIDA badge, even known employees. Challenge
It is the duty and responsibility of all Allegiant Air employees to prevent access to aircraft by _____ individuals. unauthorized
Any type of aircraft damage can have serious or even _____ safety consequences for both the aircraft and the persons flying on it. Fatal
Damage on inbound aircraft must be "discovered" within _____ minutes of arrival. 15
At Allegiant Air, every aircraft which is parked will be secured with _____ sets of chocks. 2
To clear the aircraft parking area of obstructions and obstacles that can damage the aircraft or impede its arrival or departure, the ____ has been established. Aircraft Clearance Zone
The aircraft must be pushed to a location where _____ _____ will pose no threat to personnel or equipment. jet blast
Inside the Aircraft Buffer Zone, all driving must move at no faster than a _____ walk
_____ is a term used in aviation to describe foreign objects, trash and debris that can damage aircraft and endanger personnel. FOD
The _____ ____ _____ Zone is the area behind the running engines that is impacted by the force of the exhaust blast. Engine Thrust Danger Zone
On pushback departures, the person wearing the _____ must also drive the pusback tractor. headset
Never _____ your airport security plan or security procedures with anyone. discuss
Everyone in the SIDA, regardless of who they are, must properly display a valid _____ identification badge. airport or SIDA
_____ always have the right away. Aircraft
If a piece of GSE is unsafe or has any inoperative safety systems, it must be removed from service and tagged with a ______ tag. Inop
Unless posted, the ramp speed limit is _____mph. Within 50ft o the Aircraft, that speed drops to ____mph, and inside the Aircraft Buffer Zone, the maximum driving speed is further reduced to a ______ 10mph, 5mph and walking pace
Ensure that the Aircraft Clearance Zone is clear of all _____ before allowing the aircraft to park. obstructions
Perform a post-arrival _____ to check for ground damage incurred up-line or en-route. walk around
Agents are looked upon to set an ____ example
Before arrival, the Agent must _____ his or her flight and properly set up the gate. pre plan
The leading corporate goal at Allegiant Air is to provide all employees with a_____ and _____ place to work. safe and healthy
Hearing protection is provided by the _____ and is required to be worn on the ramp. company
It is the responsibility of all Allegiant Air employees to prevent access to aircraft by _____ individuals. unauthorized
Equipment hand brakes must be set and engines _____ whenever vehicles are left unattended. turned off
_____ is your most important job! Safety
Everyone at Allegiant Air- regardless of position, job function, or pay grade- is an equal, important part of the ______ safety team
The three leading causes of accidents, mishaps and injuries are:_____, _____, and the _____. people, equipment and the environment
Report any damage of the aircraft to your _____ and the _____. supervisor and captain
MSDS stands for____ ____ ____ ____ Material Safety Data Sheet
What are the 2 designated safety zones that have been established to protect the aircraft? Aircraft Buffer Zone and Aircraft Clearance Zone
GSE on wet surfaces requires a _____ distance. Adjust your _____ accordingly. additional and speed
If an individual refuses your request to properly display a SIDA badge or refuses to be escorted out of the area, you should contact ____ at once. LEO
What does "PPE" stand for (relating to safety equipment) Personal Protective Equipment
Unless otherwise posted, the ramp speed is ____mph. 10
Within ____ feet of an aircraft, the speed drops to _____mph. 50 feet and 5 mph
Within the Aircraft Buffer Zone the speed reduce further to a __________. walking pace.
What organization established the "HazCom Standard" to protect the health and safety of employees? OSHA
Created by: sweet2blea
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