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cdes282 exam1

Imagesetters postscript-driven, uses fast-spinning mirrors, and laser beams. Photographic exposure combined with very high resolution. Exposes light onto film , which in turn is used to expose light onto a printing plate.
Adding lead thin strips of metal inserted between rows of words
Leading the distance between one line of type and the one above or below it
Bounding box the space each letter takes up on a printed page
Side bearing the space between the character image itself and the of the bounding box
The essence of typesetting is regulating the size of the spaces between printed letters to control the balance and rhythm between black and white
Type color the blackness or whitness/ density you see when viewing a page
Majuscules capital letters, upper case
Miniscule small letters , lower case
Remington first typewriter
Escapement the movement of paper in a typewriter from side to side
Justification spreading the line to its maximum allowable length
Linecasting print a line of letters at once
Font term that comes from an early French word meaning “molding” or “casting”
Matrices molds of type
Letterpress a printing press which uses matrices
Type high the raised area of a matrice which receives ink
Recessed areas below type-high, read as blank space
“offset” printed
Offset litho double printing, photographic process which allows the plate to be right reading, same as the final image
Image setters laser printers which render artwork as type
Vectorbased objects defined by vectors
Vectors outlines or paths
Bitmaps images drawn dot for dot
Raster “rake”
Resolution the number of apparent dots per inch or centimeter
Bezier curves the curves of characters
Pixels dots
Grid fitting character outlines are superimposed on a grid of pixels, then decided which pixels are to be imaged
Hints program instructions
Typeset quality above 1000 dpi
Variable dot size reduces the jaggedness of type produced at modest resolutions
Modest resolutions less than 1000dpi
Anti aliased smoothed, grey pixels are added to jagged edges to make them appear less jagged
Typeface a collection of characters designed to work together
Font the physical thing, the description of the typeface used to image type The font is the cookie cutter, the typeface is the cookie
Em the basis for a range of relative units of measurement who’s value are contextual (they depend on the size of the type they’re used in)
Em square the upon which all the characters in a font are created
Baseline invisible lines that letters sit on
Leading line spacing
Mean line the height of non-ascending lowercase letters
X height line parallel to baseline where top of lowercase letters meet
Stress variation in thickness
Serifs finishing flourishes at the ends of character’s main strokes, where it flares out
Sans without
Sans serifs without serifs
Latins wedged serif faces
Bitmap array of dots
Alphanumeric contains letters and numbers
Slug a line of type. (molten metal is poured into mold
Galley unbroken page of type, column of type
Linefeed type is printed onto a page in a vertical column
Body piece of material
Body clearance extra space, to be sure ascenders do not reach off of a page
Cap height height of capital letter
Ampersand ‘and’ sign (&)
Special characters ellipses, diphthongs, ligatures
Postscript adobes patented page description language. Converts vector information into high resolution bitmaps for high quality rendering
Inkjet printers microscopic dots of ink are sprayed onto paper at the rate of 300 to 1500 dpi. Lacks postscript, so type rendering isn’t completely accurate
Laser printers postscript software installed, have limitations when imaging small type, appear bolder than they are
Imagesetters postscript-driven, uses fast-spinning mirrors, and laser beams. Photographic exposure combined with very high resolution. Exposes light onto film , which in turn is used to expose light onto a printing plate.
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