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Myopia nearsightedness
hyperopia farsightedness
Vital capacity the maximum amount of air that an be expired after a maximum inspiration
Maximum expiratory flow rate maximum speed of exhalation, with vital capacity
Fored expiratory volume volume of air that can be forced out after taking a deep breath
tidal volume the air inhaled and exhaled in a normal breath
residual volume air remaining in the lungs after expiration
Merkel's disk the most superficial of the receptor organs located in the epidermis consist of several small disks of connective tissue cells that surround the end of A beta fibers have low threshold to mechanical pressure
Phantom Limb Pain most extreme form of pain mislocalization-following an amputation-neuroma forms at end of limb-never becomes eptocially actavated producint pain
Neuroma Swelling or other mass formation around a nerve Normally formed by connective cells instead of neurons
Eptopic outside or away from its normal position, in abnormal position or sequence
Hunting Response a vascular response to cold application marked by a series of vasoconstricions and vasodilations. This response has been show to occur only in limited body areas
pneumatic sleeve a sleeve that applies pressure using air
enzymatic injury an injury pertaining to enzymes
Hunting Response a vascular response to cold application marked by a series of vasoconstricions and vasodilations. This response has been show to occur only in limited body areas
pneumatic sleeve a sleeve that applies pressure using air
enzymatic injury an injury pertaining to enzymes
How many grades of Joint Mobilizations are there? Five
Grade 1: small aplitude at beginning of motion
Grade 2: Large Amplitude in middle ROM
Grade 3: large amplitude to the pathological limit
Grad 4 Small amplitude at end of ROM
Grade 5: small amplitude at end of ROM manipulation
Cryokinetics rehab technique involving ice application followed by progressive active exercise
prophylactic a preventative measure
Rehabilitative brace post surgery brace with ability to change amount of motion allowed
Kubler Ross Classic modle of reaction to death and dying Denial Anger Bargainning Depression Acceptance
McGill Pain Questionare monitors pain over time and determines effectiveness of any intervention
Visual Analogue scale point to a picture to rate pain like mcgill just with pictures
Activity Pattern Indicators Pain Profile measures patient activity, a 64 question self report tool that can be used to assess functional imparent assiciated with pain
Laseques sign suping-actively flex hip and knee SLR
Milgrams bl SLR 6 inches fromt able and hold for 30 sec + test cannot list legs or experiences discomfort implications-pressure caused by interthecal pressure or extrathecal pressure caused by intervetebral disk to place pressure on lumbar root
Bowstring PP-supine, hip flexed until p! is felt Proc:AT hold position of ath and flexes knee to 20* to decrease symptoms-AT presses thumb into popliteal space to restore symptoms +:p! or return of symptoms implications:sciatic nerve pressure, lumbarl
Extensor Digitorum Communis extends at MCP
Extnsor Digitorum brevis extends at PIP
Extensor Digitorum longus extends fingers at DIP
extensor pollicus brevis MCP joing of first lat border of snuff box
extensor pollicus longus IP joing of first-medial border of snuff box
Endodontist root canal therapy, a dentist who specializes in the inside of teeth
Periodontist a denttist specializing in disease of the gums and other surrounding structures of teeth
Median Nerve sensory, palmar middle pad
perianal surrounds the anal opening
clonus repeatative, rythmic involuntary contractions a hyper reflex
Scotty Dog Deformity Spondylolysis-
Scotty Dog Deformity Spondylolysis-
rhabdomyolsis condition in which skeletal muscle tissue breaksdown rapids from damage to the muscle-can be caused by physial, chemical or biological factors-destruction leads to releave of breakdown product into BS which can harm kidneys
slipped capital femoral epiphysis displacement of the femoral head helative to the shaft, common in children age 10-15 and especially in boys
anteverted hips increase of angle greater than 15* internal femoral rotation, squiting patella, and toe in pigeon toed gait
retroverted hips less than 15* angle of inclination, femor externally rotates, toe-out(duck footed foot position) patella lateral positioned with decrease in hip IR and increase ER
Nelatons line draw an imaginary line from ASIS to ischial tuberosity-quick screen for coxa vara-locaion of greater tuberosity well superior to this line indicates coxa vara
ostetis pubis pubic symphysis inflamed secondary to overuse injuries and sheer forces
avascular necrosis death of cells secondary to lack of adequte blood supply
hip scouring cause the second articular surfaces to compress and rub over one another resulting in pain
hypervolemia fluid overload, medical condition in which there is too much fluid in the bllod
hypernatremia electrolyte disturbance that is defined by an elevated sodium in the blood
Keratoderma hypertrophy of the stratum corneum of the skin, looks like a horny skin covering
Flak jacket protects the ribs
coopers ligament connective tissue in the breasts that helps maintain structural integrity
adenopathy swelling, diesase of a lymphnode
leukoplakia precancerous sore or lesion develops on the tongue or inside of cheekdue to chronic irritation, can be found on outside of emale genetalia
gynecomastia abnormal development of large mammalary glands in males resulting in breast enlargment
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome posterior tibial neuralgia-compression neuropaathy & p!ful nerve condition, tibial nerve is impinged, numbness in the foot, radiating to the big toe and the 1st 3 toes,pain,burning,electrical sensations, and tingling over the base of the foot and the heel
Tarsal Tunnel behind the medial malleolus, posterior tibial artery, tibial nerve, tendons of the posterior tibialis, flexor digitorum longus, flexor hallicus longus, retinaculum is the outer border
Tibial nerve splits into: at the tarsal tunnel calcaneal, medial and lateral plantar nerves
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