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Transverse a fx that occurs along the axis of the bone
greenstick a fx not through the bone-splinter effect
oblique a fx that runs diagonal accross the bone
spiral a fx that is diagonal across the bone but a rotation causes the fx to spiral down the bone
comminuted a fx that the bone hase many fx
impacted a fx that occurs when one end of the fx is driven up into the other end (body of spine)
avulsion a fx that occurs when a fragment of bone is pulled away at the bony attachement by a muscle of ligament
Strain stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Subluxation a partial dislocation and relocation of a joint
Dislocation a complete displacement of a joint
Tendinous injuries Tenosynovitis-inflammation of synocical sheth around the tendon Tendonitis-scarring of calcium deposits in the tendon
Synocitis inflammation of synocial membrane
Hemarthrosis bleeding into a joint
Ganglia outgrowth of a joint capsule, nerve tissue of tendon sheath
Bursitis an inflammation of a bursa
Contusion bruisng to a muscle tendon or bone over use injury-results in weakness, pain and inflammation
Salter-Harris fracture type I complete seperation of the physis in relation to the metaphysis without fracture to the bone
Salter-Harris fracture type II seperation of the growth plate and small portioon of the metaphysi
Salter-Harris fracture Type III fracture of the physis
Salter-Harris fracture Type IV fracture of a portion of the physis and metaphysis
Salter-Harris fracture Type V no displacement of physis but the crushing forcuse can cause deformity
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