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Renaissance bckgrnd

Henry VII, Elizabeth I

What is Humanism? devotion to the Greek and Latin classics
Who took the throne after the War of the Roses? Henry VII
Who was Henry VIII's first wife? Catherine of Arragon
Why did Henry VIII want to divorce his first wife? She had not given birth to a son
Why did Henry VIII split from the Catholic Church? The pope would not annul his marriage
What new church was created due to the split? Church of England (Anglican)
Who becomes king after the death of Henry VIII? Edward VI
How old was Edward when he took the throne? How long did he rule? He took the throne when he was 9 years old and ruled for 6 years.
Order of Rule 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. Henry VII 2. Henry VIII 3. Edward VI 4. Mary I 5. Elizabeth I
What is the name of the attempts to undo the Protestant Reformation? What ruler supported this? Counter Reformation, Mary I
Why was Mary I given the nickname "Bloody Mary"? She responded to opposition with brutality.
Who did Mary I marry? Why were people against the union? Her cousin, Spaniard Philip II. People were against it because they didn't want Spain to become have power over England.
What flourished during the rule of Elizabeth I? Arts and literature
Who was the enemy of Elizabeth I? Why? What happened to her? Mary Stuart (great-granddaughter of Henry VII). Catholics saw the marriage of Elizabeth's parents as invalid so she was not the rightful heir to the throne and Mary Stuart was. The English Parliament ordered her execution for plotting to kill Elizabeth.
Who took the throne after Elizabeth I? James I
What were radical Protestants called? Puritans
Who took the throne after James I? Charles I
Name the children of: -Catherine of Arragon -Anne Boleyn -Jane Seymour Mary I Elizabeth I Edward VI
Why was Anne Boleyn beheaded? She was convicted of adultery.
What is the main Calvinist Doctrine? Predestination- the belief that God chose at the beginning of time who would go to heaven and who to hell.
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