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Civil War 3 rd quart

Civil War Standard

Where did South Carolina fall in the order of secession from the Union? First
The members of South Carolina's Secession Convention of 1860 decided to do which of the following? break or leave away from the United States
Before the Civil War, which social class included unpaid workers with few personal freedoms? slaves
The events of the Civil War had the least impact on lifestyle of which of these South Carolinians? an independent farmer living in the Upstate
Following the Civil War, which of these jobs was most suited for an African slave who had just gained his freedom? a sharecropper
What was the main goal of the abolitionist movement? to outlaw or end slavery
Before the Civil War, which social class in South Carolina had the most political power? elite class
By the end of the Civil War, which of the following had happened to those in South Carolina's elite class? they had lost most of their wealth
As a leader in South Carolina in the early 1800s, John C. Calhoun (shown above) strongly supported which of the following? States' Rights
Which of the following was an effect of the cotton gin on slavery? increase in slavery
Who invented the cotton gin shown above? Eli Whitney
The cotton gin was used for what task? picking seeds from raw cotton
Who did the Confederate States of America elect as their president? Jefferson Davis
Who did the Union States of America elect as their president? Abraham Lincoln
Who did the Confederate States of America have as their general? Robert E. Lee
Who did the Union States of America have as their general? Ulysses Grant
What was the most important crop in South Carolina prior to the Civil War that required a large slave labor force? Cotton
The federal government wanted slavery to be declared illegal. Why did Southern states disagree and decide to secede, or break away, from the Union and start their own country, the Confederate States of America? The Southern states believed states, not the federal government, should determine the laws for each state
The Southern states believed states, not the federal government, should determine the laws for each state. What was this called? States' Rights
Who suffered as a result of the Civil War? All classes of people suffered as a result of the war
What basic necessities were in short supply during the Civil war? Food, cloth and needles and thread to make clothing
The Union blockade successfully blocked what supplies/trades. food, cloth and needles, and thread to make clothing in exchange for cotton
Which classes of men volunteered or were drafted into the Confederate army. Independent farmers, and middle and lower class
Which class lost much of their wealth as a result of the war. The elite
Some elite plantation owners volunteered to serve in the Confederate army. However, they were not required to serve by the Confederate government because they had to supervise their slaves. This led to the charge that the war was a “rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.”
Why did the elite class loss much of their wealth as a result of the Civil War? They were not able to export their cotton because of the blockade, Union army freed the slaves, confiscated food and livestock and burned buildings, the elite lost much of their property
What happened to Confederate money to cause the elite class to loss their wealth? Many elite had loaned money to the Confederate government and invested in it by buying bonds using their Confederate currency. Confederate bonds and currency became worthless when the South lost the war which caused the elite to loss their wealth.
Despite the losses of property, what happened to elite class? the elite class continued to have social status and influence among the white population of South Carolina during and after the war.
How did the soldiers dpend their days during the Civil War? They spent days in army camps drilling to prepare for battle. Carrying everything they might need, they marched from battle to battle at the command of their officers
What happened to soldiers during the Civil War/ Battle? In battle, many lost their lives or were gravely wounded. Others died of disease in crowded camps or prisons. Soldiers suffered from loneliness, weather, hunger and fatigue. Many, however, found camaraderie with their fellow soldiers.
What class of people other than the elite class loss property and money during the Civil War? The middle class also lost money and suffered property damage as a result of the war
Who was responsible for taking care of homes, businesses and farms during the Civil War? Women of all classes were left at home to tend to businesses and farms.
Was it a good ideal to leaave only women at home during the War? Why or Why Not? No, because this became increasingly difficult as food, cloth and other goods were in short supply and as some slaves ran away or were freed by the advancing Union army, women were not able to produce or manage more products.
What caused poor families to suffer more than the wealthier ones? As supplies ran out and prices for supplies got higher it affected poor families more than the wealthier families
What was a role for women during the Civil War? Women also served as nurses at wayside hospitals. They grieved for sons, brothers and husbands lost in the war. Because of the high number of casualties, many women continued to run farms and businesses in the generation after the war.
What was the role of a slave during the Civil War? Most African American slaves continued to work on plantations during the war.
What did
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