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Therapeutic Modalities section 5 quiz

When applying intermittent compression to an extremity, the pressure in the appliance should not exceed: the diastolic blood pressure
all of the following effects have been attributed to continuous passive motion except:increased nutrition to the meniscus, increased nutrition to the articular cartilage, increased tensile strenght of tendons and allografts, increased nutrition to the ACL increased nutrition to the ACL
intermittent cervical traction can be useful in relieving the pain associated with intervetebral disk herniations. this reduction of pain occurs by reduction the bulge of the ___ through the _____. nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus
Electromyographic biofeedback measures the amount of electrical activity within a muscle
Which of the following techniques produces the greatest amount of femoral blood flow? pneumatic sleeve, manual calf compression, stright leg raises, anatomic CPM straight leg raises
all of the following are indications for the use of intermittent compression except:postsurgical edema, gangrene, lymphedema, venous statis ulcers gangrene
Which of the following types of continuous passive motion designs provides for the most joint stability? Free linkage, anatomic, nonantatomic anatomic
Light having a wave length of 780 to 12500 nm would be classified as infared
A first-degree erthemal dose, should be applied no more than 20% of the patients body area
Ultraviolet light is being used to treat an infected open would. Which form of ultraviolet light would be most appropriate in this case? Ultraviolet C
ultraviolet A was being applied for 60 seconds at a distance of 30 inches. Calculate the new treatment duration if the distance between the lamp and the skin were decreased to 20 inches 27 minutes
theapeutic laser is being applied at a tottal of 5 watts for 10 seconds over an area of 10 square cm. What is the entergy density (J/cm^2) 5
The depth that laser energy penatrates into the body is related to: Output frequency
the primary benefit to hyperbaric oxygen therapy is saturateing the plasma with oxygen
The patients medical history reveals the use of Antabuse to treat alcoholism. Which of the following modalities would be contraindicated for this patient? UV light, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, electromyographic biofeedback UV light and hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
Pain reduction is thought to occure from exposure to the magnetic pole: negative
the body;s fascia can be elongated using a ____________ force slow moderate intensity
The effectiveness of cervial traction is dependent on many factors including the amount of force applied. Other factors include: position of c spine, position of the patient, angle of the pull, duration of the treatment, constant or intermeittent traction
List two reasons why separation of the vertebral column occurs as a lower percentage of the patients body weight in the reclining position than in the sitting position force of gravity is eliminated, cervical muscles are placed in a more relaxed position
Petrissage kneading of the skin
tapotement pounding of the skin
effleurage stroking of the skin
Created by: jwebst1