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Therapeutic Modalities section 4 quiz

Electrons travel from the _________, which has a _______ of electrons, to the__________, which has a _______ of electrons. cathode, high concentration, anode, low concentration
Monopolar stimulation involves the use of active and dispersive electrodes. The parameter that determines which electrode will be active is: the current density
What is the percent duty cycle for an electical current that flows for 30 seconds and has no flow for 10 seconds? 75%
All of the following are excitable tissues except: Meniscal Cartilage (other choices-muscle fiber, sensory nerves, secretory cells)
Which of the following would be the modality of choice to cause physiochemcial changes iwthin the tissue? Low voltage alternating current (other choices-high-volatage pulsed sitmulation, interferential stimulation, low-voltage direct current)
Under normal circumstances, which of the following nerves would be the first to be stimulated by an electrical current? superficial large-diameter nerve, a deep large diamerter nerve, a superficial small-diamter nerve, a dee small diamter nerve a superficial large diameter nerve
Most tissues provide capacitive resistance to electrical current flow. Which of the following currents would meet the least amount of capacitive reisstance? 1 Hz, 10 hz, 50 hz, 100hz 100Hz
An electrical stimulation protocol that uses a high pullsed fequency(eg 120 pps), short pulse duration, and applied at the sensory level is thought to avtivate which pain control mechanism? Gate mechanism
The electrodes from lead A have an area of 20 square inches, and the electrodes originating from lead b have an area of 4 square inches. this type of stimulation would be classified asL Monopolar
You are setting up an electrical stimulation unit to conrol pain through the gate-control theory of pain modulation. the correct paramters for this are: high pulse rate, short pulse duration, long treatment duration, sensory level stimulation
iontophoresis is a technique that introduces medication into the tissues through the use of an electric current. for this method to work, the medication must: Have a net ion charge
interferential stimulation is being applied with a carrier current of 4000Hz and an interference current of 4130 Hz. The effective frewuency of the current within the tissue is: 130 Hz
Which of the following condistion is a contradication to the use of the electrical stimulation? post-traumatic pain, postsurgical pain, chronic pain, pain of unknown origin pain of unknown origin
A high-voltage pulsed stimulator uses what type of current? Monophasic
When attempting to reeducate the quads immediately post surgery, a ____ percent duty cycle should be used. 20%
In general, a tonic contraction occurs when the number of pulses per second exceeds: 60
"the uninteruppted, bidirectional flow of electrons," best describes which current? Biphasic
In an electrical current, electrical flow consists of the movement of electrones, in the bodys tissues, therapeutic current flow consists of the flow of ions
A POLARITY switch would be found on which modatlity? high-voltage pulsed stimulator
traumatized areas and stimulation points (eg motor points, trigger points) display a(n) resistance to current flow decreased
Created by: jwebst1