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Therapeutic Modalities section 2 quiz

Which of the following medalities has the greatest likelihood of frostbite? reusable cold packs
Which of the following is a contraindication to the use of a paraffin bath? Skin conditions
Which of the following modalities used convetion as the method of head transfer? Whirlpool
Which of the following is not a local effect of cold application? decreased viscosity of fluids in the area (decreased rate of cell metabolism, muscle speindle activity and nerve conduction velocity are all effects)
Which of the following modalities has the greatest depth of penetration into the tissues? icebag-cold penetrates deeper than all heat
Heat application by itself (id without stretching or exercise) is sufficient to elongate collagen-rich tissues. FALSE!
Which of the following is not a local effect of heat application? Increased muscle tone (increased rate of cell metabolism, blood flow, and decrease muscle spasm are effects)
A _____ degree F drop in skin temp is needed to reduce the sensitivity of muscle spindles. 9
As the size (area) of the body exposed to cold immersion increase, the temperature of the immersion should: increase
The primary reason for the use of cold during the immediate treatment of an injury to decrease cell metabolism
Focal compression serves what purpose? prevent swelling from entering the joint capsule, and assiting the lymphatic system in removing solid matter from the area
The "hunting response" has been demonstrated to occur in all body parts during cold application. False
Moist heat packs are stored in water having a temperature range between ___ and ___ degrees F. 160/170
The thermal effects obtained from a moist heat pack occur up to ___ cm beneath the skin 3
Raynaud's phenomenon is a common contraindication to the use of cold and is characterized by; alternating bouts of pallor and cyanosis
Following a 20 min ice immersion and a short rewarming period, there ___ decreased joint proprioceptive ability is not
Which of the following is not a systemic effect to cold exposure? increased heart rate (vasoconstriction, decreased respiratory rate, increased muscle tone-all are)
if the coal of your treatment is to produce long-lasting cold within the quads muscle prior to exercise(in subacute or chronic stage of injury), which of the following modalities would be the most appropriate? ice bag
List the compoenents and the effects of intermediate treatment of an acute injury Rest-prevents further trauma Ice-\/ the cells metaboolism, thereby \/ the amount of secondary hypoxic and enzymatic injury Compression \/ pressure gradient, \/ hemorrhage, limites collection of edema Elevation-\/ local blood pressure an
Why does the effects of cold application penetrate deeper and last longer than the effect of heat application? temp gradient between skin is greater with cold modalities-/\ the rate and magnitude of energy exchange, cold \/ bf-limits warming, cold penetrates deeper-\/ temp gradient and slows tissue warming, sweat occurs during heat app-regulating local temp
Created by: jwebst1
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