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Section 1 questions from therapeutic modalities

an example of an injury caused by macrotrauma is: sprain
this phagocyte is released immediately following trauma to contain bacteria, but in the process destroys viable tissue neutrophils
Which of the folloing cell types is anaerobic and therefore is able towithstand low-oxygen enviornment? macrophage
After depolarization of the nerve, the period during which a stronger-than normal stimulus is required to initial another action potential is the: relative refractory period
The rate of atrophy is accelerated through the stimulation of: golgi tendon organs
The healing process begins with inflammation
all of the following aid in venous return except sodium potassium pump(gravity, muscular contractions, and one-way valves do aid)
which of the following structures has the poorest blood supply? meniscal cartilage(muscle fascia, and bone have better)
According to the gate-controle theory of pain modulation, what structure monitors the activity of the incoming nerves and subsequently opens or closes the gate? substantia gelatenosa
The transformation of a chemical stimulus into action potential is called? transduction
the fibers that start as Merkel's disks in the peripheral cross the midline in the : medulla
Nmoist heat packs, whirlpools, cryotherapy and electrical nerve stimulation all can be effective at reducing perceived pain. The mechanism through which these modalities work is called: Gate-control theory
Pain produced by iirratation of the brachial plexus due to entrapment of its roots, will be felt in the arm or hand instead of the arm pit. this mislocalization is closely related to a phenomenon called phantom limb pain
Damage to the anterior lateral fasciculus usually results in contralateral loss of pain
Which type of state regulation establishes the scope of profession practice, sets the minimal eucation states and protects professional roles and titles? Licensure
Whirlpoools and other electrical devices that may be used in the prescence of water must be connected to a: ground-fault circuit interpreter
employers or cllinical instructors can be held liable for negligent acts of the employees of students through the doctrine of: vicarious liability
the intentional and unwanted touching of one person by another is termed battery
____________ is the coding system used to identify the type and nature of care provided to the patient. CPT-current procedural terminology
which of the following would be considreredd when determining the actions that a "reasonable and prudent person" would hav taken under similar circumstnaces? testimony of expert witness, defendants age, education and mental capacity, and state practice regulations
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