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first practice test

You are treating an athlete who has sustained a humeral exostosis. which of the following is the best material for constructing a functional protective device? thermo-modable plastic and high-density foam
An athelte is being treated by an OT for boutonniere deformity. he returns from his visit wearing a dynamic splint. What is the purpose of this type of splint? To provide long-duration tension on the healing structure
During a prophylactic ankle taping application using a closed basket weave procedure, heel locks are applied to the medial and lateral aspects of the ankle in a continuous manner, incorporating a figure-8 pattern. primary goal of this component? Limit resulting subtalar inversion and eversion
When meeting with the host team's AT at the start of a softball tournament, which of the following ieces of info will assist you the most in minimizing injuries to your players? Safe shelter in the event of lightening, facility-specific EAP protocols, and host ATs cell phone number
Which of the following statements best characterizes prevention of catastrophic C-spine injuries? catastrophic c-spine injury iresulting from axil loading is neither cused nor prevented by players standard equipment
For which of the following situations would the use of universal precautions by an AT be deemed necessary? Treating the wound of a postsurgical patient on the 3rd day
How often must electrical therapeutic modalities be inspected and calibrated to ensure patient safety? annually-or as specified by the manufacture
At what government level are the laws and policies regarding the use of therapeutic modalities by Ats estabilished and regulated? State level
A middle-distance runner suffers from EIA. which environment is most likely to reduce the intensity and number of episodes of wheezing duirng activity? Warm and moist
When using a wet bulb globe temperature device, what factors are assed to determine the relative heat stress? Air temp. humidity, and radiant heat in the local environment
What is relative heat stress? umbrella for heat illness
What are the factors in determinine relative heat stress Air temp, humidity, radiant heat, and wind speed
The volleyball team is participating in a beach volleyball tourny. the coach has given the players sunscreen with SPF 15. what does an SPF of 15 imply? the athletes can be exposed to ultraviolet light 15 times longer than they could without any sunscreen before their skin turns red
What are the three types of Uv light? UVA, UVB, UVC
While using plyometric exercises to train an athlete, which of the following phases of the exercise should be minimized? Amortization phase-in order to decrease energy loss
What is the amortization phase? the time between eccentric and concentric phase
What are plyometric exercises using stretch reflex to facilitate strength
When should you not use plyometric exercises? in the beginning of the season-person already needs to be in shape
An athlete with a pre-conditioning stroke volume of 70ml/beat has just completed an 8 week cardiovascular training program. His stroke volume is now 105 ml/beat. How should you characterize this value? this value is normal secondary to training effects
An athlete whose daily energy expenditure is 2350 kcal is consuming approximately 2100kcal daily. If this intake and expenditure continue for 8 weeks, what changes in body weight will occur? decrease weight by 4 lb 250 daily*7=1750 per week 3500 kcal per lb 1 lb every other week-4lbs in 8 weeks
An athlete consuming a diet low in carbs but with enough protien and fat to meet theoretical energy needs may produce which of the following efects? build up of ketones in the body
athletes should be cautioned about toxicity when mega-dosing on which of the following vitamins? A, D, K, E
In the initial phase of throwing a ball, as the shoulder girdle and arm move from a posterior retracted position to a forward, internally rotated position, what are the primary muscles responsible for moving the scapula and arm forward? Serratus anterior, subscapularis, anterior deltoid, and pec major
Following truama, what is the inital response at the vascular level? Margination followed by vasodialation
What is exudate? Fluid substance containing, WBCs cellular debris, and protien
While reviewing an athlete's injury report, you not his diagnosis as anterior dislocation of the GH joint. how should the mechanism for this injury be documented in the injury report? In the subjective section, document that hte athlete reports a mechanism of shoulder abduction and external rotation
which of the following joints and its associated ligaments are involved in a shoulder seperation? Acromioclavicular joint, acromioclaviular ligament, conoid and trapezoid ligaments
Which two bones make up the roof of the orbit Frontal and Sphenoid
A pole-vaulter misses the pitt and makes contact with his head against the base of the support pole. Upon initial observation, you not bleeding from a msall head laceration, and blood and CSF drainage from the nose and ears. What do you suspect? Skull fracture
A women's basketball player is elbowed in the jaw during a practice session. observaton reveals a portion of the tooth is broken, there is bleeding, and the pulp chamber is exposed producing a great deal of pain. which type of tooth fracture? complicated crown fracture
while evaluating an atheltes facial injury. You observe that the athlete is unable to look upward toward the ceiling. Which of the following condisitons would you suspect Orbital blow-out fracture, with entrapment of the inferior rectus muscle
Which of the following statements best describes how normal running gait differes from normal walking gait? Running gait has a greater stride length and less stride width
When inspecting the tympanic membrane with an otoscope, which of the following statements best describes a normal typanic membrane? Shiny, translucent, smooth without perforations
Distended Swollen, protruding
Which four palpable bony prominences define the carpal tunnel? Pisiform, tubercle of the navicular, hook of the hamate, and the tubercle of the trapezium
An athlete has sustained an ankle dislocation. which pulse should be palpated to determine involvement of vascular structures? Dorsal pedal-between 2nd and 3rd mets
Which of the following demonstrats the order of bony palpation from proximal to distal? Calcaneus, sustentaculum tali, talar head, navicular tuberostiy, first cuneiform
Which positon is most advantageous for palpating the dome of the talus? Planarflexion and inversion
Which position is most advantageous for palpating the head of the talus? Plantarflexion and eversion
When palpating the clavicle for a suspected fracture, at which location should you focus your attention because most fractures occur at this area of the bone? Approximately 2/3 the distance from the medial attachment-due to change in shape and direction
When completing a MMT for the middle deltoid muscle, in what position should the athelte be placed if the athlete is unable to hold the test position against gravity? supine, with the examiner standing caudally(toward the bottom) to the athlete
One of the most comprehensive approaches to sports injury research involves applying th principles of epidemiology Describe epidemiology? Study of the distribution of diseases, injuries or other health states in human populations for the pupose of identify and implementing measures to prevent thier development and spread
Rules have been insituted in some sports to minimize the risk of injuryto participants. In 1976 the practice of spearing was deemed illegal. what action constitute spearing? a defensive back tackles a reveiver, making initial contact with his helmet making contact with top of helmet on another player
You are the athletic trainer at a high school that sponsors 22 sports. There are approximately 500 athletes total. Which type of PPE would be the most effective and efficient? Provide a station-based exam with the assistance of multiple medical and health-care professionals prior to the start of each sport season
An African-American athlete reports for her PPE and notes she has experienced heat intolerance, severe muscle cramping, hyperventilation, tachycardia, and symptoms of hypotension during the past 6 months. Based on this info, what action shoud you take? Screen for sickle cell trate
How often must helmets be recertified and reconditioned, using those that are vendor-approved by the National Operating Commitee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, if no warrranty exists or after the warranty expires? Every 2 years
You observe a lax palyer cutting down his mouthpiece so that it only covers his front six teeth. What should you communicate to this athlete regarding the primary risk associated with his actions? his actions have invalidated the manufacturers warrenty
While evaluating a football player for a brachial plexus injury on the side line the AT determines that the athlete is unable to extend his elbow against resistance. Which nerve root is this? C-7
Which ortho special test is performed with the examiner resisting GH external rotation and forarm supination. What findings consitute a positive test? Yergasons-pain or snapping in bicipital groove
After completing a patient hx and ROM the AT is concerned that the atheltes pain maybe related to vertebral disk damage. What group of special tests would eliminated this pathology? Hoover's test, bowstring test, and milgrams test
While auscultating an athelts lungs an AT hears a low pitched sound during inspiration and expiration. That resembles the sound made when 2 balloons rub together. What is the sound and what does it indicate? Pleural Rub-indicitive of conditions of the pleura such as pleurisy
Following a sever head injury a downed athlete is having difficulty breathing and is demonstrating an irregular heart beat. Which center of the brain is responsible for regulating these vital functions? Medulla
Male athlete comes to the AT complaining of painful urination and pus discharge from the penis and confides that he had unprotected sex a week earlier. What is the athletes immediate problem? gonorrhea
an athlete has been diagnosed with mallet finger. Which tendon is involved? Extensor digitorum longus
When completing an eval of the AC joint you not a step deformity and then perform the piano key test, which is positive. A positive test indicates the involvement of which ligamnet? coracoclavicular
A soccer player lacking a shin gaurd had substaned a traumatic blow to the lower leg. he is unable to dorsiflex and invert the ankle. What conclusion can be made? anterior compartment- integrity of the anterior tibial artery should be assessed-the deep peroneal nerve innervates this area
An athlete recently diagnosed with DVT has been prescribed warfarin (coumadin). what is the pharmalogical function of this drug? anticoagulant
athlete intially presents with general viral illness symptoms including fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mild fatigue.Upon follow up the athlete presents with /\fatigue, dyspnea, palpitations & exercise intolerance. Which caridac condition? Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
An incoming freshman presents for ortho screen prior to being seen by the physicain during the PPE. Ath exibits elongated metacarpals and metatarsals, kyphoscoliosis, and laxity in multiple joints. What concern should you raise to physician? Marfan's syndrome
Follwoing a head injury an athlete is unable to recall events that have happened since the time of injury. What type of amnesia and which steps should be taken based on this info? Anterograde amnesia-refer the athlete for further eval to rule out intracranial bleeding
An athlete with an eight year history of epilepsy has incured a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. When would you call 911? When the athelte has one seizure after another
10 y/o drops to mound after sustaining a line drive to the posterial lateral aspect of head. When AT reach the mound he is seated alert crying & rubbing head.You determine he must be transported to be evaled what method of transport ask the athletes parent to take him to the healthcare facility
What is the most appropriate immediate treatment for an athelte with exertional heat illness? Move the athelte to air-conditioned room and provide fluids
An athlete has sustained a crown fracture, referal to which health care provider is appropriate? dentist
After completing a first down you notice the running back laying face down on the field and other players return to the huddle. Teammate jogs over to player before you get to him, What is the most helpful action this teammate can take? Ask the downed player if he is injured and instruct him to lay still until the AT comes out!
An athlete suspects teammate of an eating disorder, she comes to you seeking advice on the best way to handle the situation. What do you recommend? If comfortable athlete should share her concern with teammate
A sophmore on the college tennis team confides in you that she is three months prego. She asks you to abstain from sharing this info with anyone. What should you tell this athlete? Encourage her to meet with the team doc to determine a plan for participation and then she should share this plan with her coach and parents
an ath sustains an uncomplicated crown fracture there is obvious tooth deformity and bleeding but no pain. How would you explain the absence of pain? the fracture effects only the enamel portion of the tooth and the enamel contains no nerve endings
an ath with repeated herpes type 2 eruptions should be counseled to avoid which contributing factors? fatigue stress and poor nutrition
an ath with a tibio fibular igament injury asks why this ankle sprain is taking muh longer to heal than pevious latera ankle sprains he has sustained. How do you respond to this athlete? normal gait pattern repetialy spreads the mortise which results in decreased approximation of healing ligament fibers
a gymnast with chronic low back pain learns from the team physician that her x-ray revealed a collared scottydog deformity. How would you best explain this to the ath? you have spondylolsis, which is a defect in the vertebral arch brouh on by repetitive stress
an athlete with systemic lupus erthematosus needs to be referred to a specialist. Which of the following specializations would you refer them to? rheumatology
you are reiewing dictations from physicins clinic and hear the following info: HEENT:EOMI:PERRLA. How would you transcrie this information into a SOAP noate? In objective section: HEad Ears, Eyes, Nose,and throat-extraocular muscles intact: pupls equal, regular, react to light, accomadation
An ath with a 3-week hisotry o fknee pain and mild joing effusion develops a Baker's cyst. Which test wouldbest reveal the cause of the cyst? Magnetic resonance imaging
you refer an ath to the team orthopedist to rule out a jones fracture. the physician clls you to confirm that the ath does have a fifth met frature but not a jones fracure. In what case would a fifth met facture not be a jones fracture the fracture is more than 1 cm from the proximal diaphysis of the fifth met
where is cyanosis best observed in a dark-skinned person? tongue and nail beds
ou have been hred to work a 20 team soccer tourny. a mide-aged coach falls unconsious on the sidelines. her sin is cool and dry, she is gasping. her face is flushed, her lips cherry red, a sweet odor on her breath. what would you suspect? diabetic coma
an ath suffers a compound fracture of the middle third of theright tibia. in an initial attempt to control leeding which techniqus would be most effective?
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