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Dorian Gray

Study Questions

When is Dorian's Birthday? November 9
Who killed Basil Hallward? Dorian
Why did Dorian faint? He saw James Vane through the window
Where did Dorian hide the portrait? Schoolroom
Who helped Dorian get rid of Basil's Body? Alan Campbell
Where was the first change in Dorian's portrait? Mouth
How did the people identify the man on the ground as Dorian? His rings
What did the Duchess say was one of the 7 deadly sins? Ugliness
What are "American Dry Goods"? American Novels
How did Sibyl Vane die? Taking prussic acid
Why does Mrs. Vane like Dorian? His wealth
What day at the theater did Dorian meet Sibyl? 3
Why does Dorian leave Sibyl? Bad acting
What does Lord Henry give Dorian? Yellow Book
Why didn't James kill Dorian? He looked too young
Who shot James Vane? Sir Geoffrey
Where is Basil moving to? Paris
How long will Basil be gone? 6 months
What does Dorian not collect? Stamps
How does Basil view Dorian? Simple and beautiful-natured
Who did Dorian fall in love with? Sibyl Vane
Who did Dorian have flirtations with? Duchess of Monmouth
Why is Basil moving? For a new studio
Why did Basil not want to exhibit the portrait? Exposed too much of himself
Who planned the death of Dorian's father? Lord Kelso
Who told Lord Henry about Dorian's lineage? Lord Fermor
How many copies of the Yellow Book did Dorian order? 9
How does Dorian get Alan Campbell to help him? Blackmail
What did James Vane say he would do if Dorian wrongs Sibyl? Kill him
Who's life did Dorian influence? Adrian Singleton
What is Sibyl's nickname for Dorian? Prince Charming
What is Dorian's nickname for Lord Henry? Prince Paradox
Who introduced Basil to Dorian? Lady Brandon
How old was Dorian when he met Sibyl? 18
How long did Dorian not go into the schoolroom? 5 years
Who's life did Dorian spare? Hetty
What did Dorian do to stay young? Switch places with the portrait
What did Dorian call the Yellow Book? Poisonous
How did Dorian die? Stabs himself
What does Sibyl represent to Dorian? Flower
What does Lord Henry support? New Hedonism
What did Dorian go to look for? Opium
What is James Vane? Sailor
What does Lord Henry admire most in women? Dangerous qualities
Whos is Lord Henry's wife? Victoria
What did Dorian ask Basil to do after Sibyl's death? Paint a portrait of her
What is Lord Henry’s reaction to Dorian’s claim that he killed Basil? He doesn't believe it
Where does Lord Henry first influence Dorian? Garden
What is Dorian Jealous of? Everything whose beauty does not die
How does Basil feel about Dorian? His sole inspiration
Created by: lorieannm