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Roll of Thunder JB

Journi's Work

Temerity A red rash
Admonish To advise something
Raucous Harsh
Pensive You are in your own little world
Undaunted You are not scared
Transposed When you change the position of something
Penchant A strong taste
Imperious Rare
Pact An agreement
Listless Lacking Energy
Expound To explain in detail
Prevail to dominate
Feign To assume something
Emphatic Very impressive
Vex To annoy
Patronize To trade
scoff to mock someone
fibrous something that has fibers
gait how you run or walk
Formidable something causing fear
Penetrating something like a knife
Glared a very bright light
Lynched To be put to death
Resiliency the ability to change back to original form
Donned to put something on
Embittered to make something bitter
Coddling to be treated nicely
Relent to calm down
Precariously Uncertain
Cloaking a coat or cape
Warily watchful
Wheedle to flatter someone
Teeming swarming
Clabber sour milk
Humiliate to make someone loose pride
Retaliate revenge
Malevolent evil
Falter hesitation
Audible you can be heard
Nattily you look nice and neat
Aloofness distance
Moping being sad
Reprimand to reprove something
Reverently to be respectful
Spindly tall and thin
placid calm or peaceful
eviction constructive
revenue tax income
denote to be a mark
insolent disrespectful
impaled to fasten
fuming smoke like fumes
feigned assumed
barren not producing
interjected to insert between two other things
bewildered completely confused
fallow not in use
despicable unworthy
vulnerability being capable of being hurt by a weapon
hastened to hurry
interminable endless
akimbo with your hand on your hip and your elbow outward
rasped to scrape something with a rough instrument
emitted to sent light or liquid
prone having the tendency to do something
lethargic energetic
amble to go at a slow pace
complex composite
reproach blame someone
sweltering suffering from the heat
en masse
Created by: journs2



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