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Medieval Stories

canterbury tales prologue, pardoner's tale, Everyman

In what month did the travelers begin their pilgrimage to Canterbury April
To whose shrine were they traveling? Thomas a` Becket
Which pilgrim was an outdoorsman? He loved to hunt, eat and wear fine clothes. monk
Which pilgrim seemed to be into astrology? It was also supposed that he made a lot of money during the plague. He has a special love for gold. doctor
Who was a food purchaser for a dormitory of law students? He was quite shrewd. manciple
Which pilgrim had curly locks, sand songs, and loved the ladies? squire
Who knew inferior French, was very concerned with manners and treated animals with great care? prioress
This pilgrim was large, uncouth and looked like a fish out of water on a horse. skipper
This pilgrim was an excellent seamstress and weaver, had been married 5 times and was gap-toothed. Wife of Bath
This pilgrim was poor in worldly goods, but rich in holy thoughts and works. He was a perfect example. He gave to parishioners when in need. parson
This pilgrim knew the taverns and the barmaids. His name was Hubert. friar
Who was a small tenant farmer who lived in perfect peace and chastity? He loved God with all his heart. plowman
Which pilgrim had a fire-red complexion, pimples and boils, a scaly infection around the eyebrows, and a moth-eaten beard? summoner
This pilgrim was a member of a gild, an organization similar to a fraternity and labor union. carpenter
This pilgrim transacted business in a stately manner, very few knew that he was deeply in debt. merchant
This pilgrim had a wart on his nose from which bristly red hairs protruded. He also played the bagpipe. miller
This pilgrim was thin, had a thin horse, threadbare clothes and loved books. Oxford Cleric (student)
This pilgrim was a master of his trade. He did, however, have a running sore on his shin cook
How many tales will each pilgrim tell (supposedly)? four
Why were The Canterbury Tales left incomplete? Chaucer died
What was the name of the inn that Harry Bailey ran? The Tabard
What was the prize for telling the best tale? a feast in the winner's honor
Why is The Canterbury Tales an important piece to study in 2011? It displays many different characters from different cultures and classes in the feudalism system.
Who is the narrator of all the tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
Who drew the short straw and had to tell at tale first? knight
What type of story is The Canterbury Tales? Frame Tale
Who was less busy than they seemed? Lawyer
Who was a landowner and also a sheriff? Franklin
Who was the epitome of a church goer? He was holy-minded and gave continuously. He was the plowman's brother. parson
This pilgrim oversaw large estates, was old, thin, and shrewd. He was better at making money than his landowner and would give him loans. His horse was named "Scott" and he would ride in the back of the company. Reeve
This pilgrim was "honey-tongued" and was motivated by silver. One may not be able to tell if he were a "gelding or a mare" Pardoner
In the Pardoner's Tale, what do the three rioters agree to do? kill Death and defend each other
What does the old man tell the rioters? That he had just seen death.
Where do the rioters go after meeting the old man? What do they find there? They go to the tree where the old man said he had seen Death. Gold.
What do the rioters agree after making their discovery? Why do they split up? They decide to spend it. One man will go to town to get food and wine.
How did the first rioter die? How do the others die? The first is stabbed by the other two. The others are poisoned.
What decision does God make about humans? Why? There will be a reckoning because man is too obsessed with worldly goods.
How does Everyman try to bargain with Death? He offers Death money.
Who deserts Everyman? Who stays with him? Beauty, strength, and discretion leave. Knowledge goes a long way, as do good deeds.
What is Everyman's fate? Why? He goes to Heaven and his good deeds accompany him.
What religious assumption underlies the play? That good deeds are what gets you into Heaven.
What is the difference between an allegory and a naive allegory? In a naive allegory the characters represent abstractions where as in allegories they only symbolize something else.
What is an Exemplum? an anecdote told to illustrate an idea or moral
What is Satire? humorous writing or speech intended to point out errors or falsehoods
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