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Test 9

review for Test 9

"In February," says that what will always return? spring
In "Pillar of the Cloud," how many steps ahead does the speaker want to see? one
Hudson Taylor was a missionary in what country? China
What was the name of the ex-Buddhist who asked Taylor how lone the Glad Tidings had been in Taylor's country? Mr. Ni
Who traveled with Christian and gave him encouragement? Hopeful
Who persuaded Giant Despair to beat the pilgrims? his wife, Diffidence
How did Christian and Hopeful escape from the dungeon? They used the Key of Promise.
According to Hebrews 11:1-6, what is necessary to please God? faith
In "Faith," where did "the steps of faith" land? on "the rock beneath"
What event inspired Tennyson to write "Strong Son of God?" the death of his friend (Arthur Hallam)
What did Taylor take responsibility for after Dr. Parker left? the hospital
When Taylor was down to the last bag of rice, how did God show His faithfulness? He prompted someone to send a large amount of money.
In "Say Not the Struggle Nought Availeth" how does the sun climb" slowly
As he neared the New World, Columbus thought that he was near what place? Cipango (Japan)
What did Columbus see in the distance the night before land was discovered? a glimmering light
After landing, what name did Columbus give the island? San Salvador
Who were the "Square-Toed Princes?" the sea-fearing Quaker ancestors of the author
"Washington's Prayer at Valley Forge" discusses what piece of artwork? a painting depicting George Washington kneeling in prayer
In"Hope," what does the speaker compare to hope? a bird
Following hours of prayer, what was given to the orphanage one morning after a wheel broke? milk
What did Mueller ask of God while traveling from Liverpool to Quebec on a ship? to clear a fog
What was Mueller confident that God would send before a boat to Liverpool got underway? his wife's desk chair
What was the secret of Mueller's service? He died to self and desired to please only God.
In "Have Faith," what creature set the example for a continuous faith? a swallow
According to Hebrews 11:1-6, what is necessary to please God? faith
The employment of language in a manner not normally used in everyday speech, such as the use of unusual words or word order is called what? Poetic Diction
What is Allegory? A story or a description in which the characters, places, and objects have both a literal and symbolic meaning and the emphasis is on the moral truth which lies beneath the events of the story.
Who wrote "In February?" George MacDonald
Who wrote The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus ("The Day of America") Washington Irving
John Bunyan wrote what famous story? Pilgrim's Progress ("Doubting Castle")
Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote what? In Memoriam ("Strong Son of God")
"Were they to sail on until they perished, or until all return became impossible" is from what story? "The Discovery of Amercia" (The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus)
"Keep Thou my feet: I do not ask to see The distant scene,-one step enough for me" is from what story? "The Pillar of the Cloud"
"Men to put a twinkle in The proud eyes of their Maker" is from what story? "Square-Toed Princess"
"I've heard it in the chillest land, and on the strangest sea; yet, never, in extremity, it asked a crumb of me" is from what story? "Hope"
"Spring cannot cheat us, though her hopes be broken, nor leave us for we know what God hath spoken" is from what story? "In February"
"What a fool, quoth he, am I, thus to lie in a stinking Dungeon, when I may as well walk at liberty" is from what story? "Doubting Castle" (Pilgrim's Progress)
In "Square-Toed Princes," the author talks about his ancestors who were what? sailors
In "Overhead in an Orchard," two WHAT discuss why human beings are filled with care? birds
The character Carlo was in what story? "The Ugly Duckling"
The character Gabriel was in what story? "A Spark Neglected Burns the House"
The character Mary was in what story? "The Lathstring Mural"
The character Clarence was from what story? "The Noblest Instrument"
In her poem "Hope," Emily Dickinson compares hope to a what? a bird
Where was George Washington praying in the picture accompanying the story about him? Valley Forge
Hudson Taylor, a missionary to WHERE trusted God to meet all his needs? China
Created by: Mrs. Howie



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