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Kansas Chapter 4

Missouri Compromise Compromise reached in Congress that admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state in addition to banning slavery in the Louisiana Territory north of 36* 30'
Kansas-Nebraska Act Repealed the Missouri Compromise and opened Kansas and Nebraska Territories to settlement where the slavery issue would be decided by popular sovereignty
Indian Removal from Kansas The forced relocation of Native Americans from Kansas due to the impending settlement of Americans
Emigrant Aid Societies Groups that helped settlers move to Kansas Territory by giving them group rate prices on transportation, direction to available land, and assist in the construction of public buildings and other businesses
Underground Railroad A network of safe houses that helped slaves escape slavery
Bleeding Kansas A time period in Kansas history referencing the conflicts that occurred between proslavery and antislavery settlers
Wakarusa War Series of skirmishes between proslavery and antislavery settlers in and around Lawrence
Beecher Bibles Reference to the packing of rifles and ammunition inside of boxes labeled "books" by antislavery forces
Pottawatomie Massacre The killing of five proslavery men by John Brown near Pottawatomie Creek
Marais des Cygnes Massacre The kidnapping of eleven free-state settlers by a group of proslavery men, five were killed, five were wounded and one escaped by pretending to be dead
Election Fraud Event in early Kansas Territory history in which Missourians came over and voted in elections swaying the vote towards proslavery interests
Bogus Legislature legislature comprised mostly of proslavery settlers illegally elected which passed laws in favor of slavery in the territory and against any antislavery movement
Topeka Constitution Constitution formed in response to the "Bogus Legislature," even though it was antislavery it did not give rights to African Americans or women
Lecompton Constitution Constitution drawn up by proslavery settlers permitting slavery, another attempt by the "Bogus Legislature"
Leavenworth Constitution Constitution drawn up by free-staters, gave African-Americans and American Indians right to vote but restricted women
Wyandotte Constitution Final constitution created by free-staters, gave voting and militia rights to white men, improved rights of women became Kansas' state constitution
Pony Express Route rode by young men on horseback who delivered mail from the east to the frontier
slavery The act of forcing someone to work because they are viewed as property.
Proslavery settler A person who believes slavery is just and wanted to expand the institution into Kansas.
Free-stater A person who did not want to see Kansas become a slave state for various reasons.
Abolitionist A person who believed that slavery was unjust morally and needed to be eliminated immediately.
Border Ruffians Missouri settlers who crossed into Kansas to influence the outcome of slavery issue in Kansas
Sacking of Lawrence Event where proslavery marauders destroyed many buildings throughout Lawrence including the Free State Hotel, and murder of many free-staters
Caning of Sumner Incident where an antislavery representative was beaten by a proslavery representative on the floor of the Congressional chamber for remarks made during heated debates over slavery
Battle of Black Jack Battle beginning with John Brown's sons being taken captive, tracking down the captors, fighting a battle, and ending with Brown overpowering the proslavery forces and taking prisoners of his own
Battle of Osawatomie Battle beginning with the tracking down of John Brown by proslavery forces, fighting a battle, Brown is overpowered, escapes, and ending with the sacking of the town
Jayhawkers Term given to the groups of antislavery guerilla fighters who often clashed with proslavery "Bushwackers"
Bushwackers Term given to the groups of proslavery guerilla fighters who often clashed with antislavery "Jayhawkers"
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