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organic VD

organic voice disorders

soft larynx,cause of stridor.75% of all congenital abnormalities. outgrow by 18 mos. 5% need surgery ( glotoplasty) vs. tracheostomy. Laryngomalacia
congential/acquired. narrowing of subglottic space.intubation->scarring/stenosis. lack air. Subglottal Stenosis
TEF ( 85% w/ distal e.pouch)-> gastric distention,aspiration, reduced diaphramatic excursionsurgery needed Tracheoesophageal Fistulas
Firm. medial of vocal process.vocal fatiuge, pain. 75% roughness.65% throat clearing. 1)slam arytenoid. 2)LPR 3) intubation. theratpy to decrease vocal abuse. Contact Ulcers( granulomas)
soft due to blockage of ductal system. unilateral.must be surgically removed. Cysts
increased pitch hypofunction of pituitary gland
decrease in pitch aka addisons disease hypofunction of adrenal gland
decrease pitch, increased mass,hoarse hypothyroidism
breathy,jumpy,soft hyperthyroidism
blood vessel tumor.soft, blood filled, posterior glottis,usually w/ hyperfunction.surgerical removal. hemangioma
thickening of skin. pink oral leisions either malignant or benign.reactive leisons to irritation, usually under tongue, v.f. anterior commisure and posteriorly on arytenoid prominences hyperkeratosis
usually viral, can be bacterial, usually due to URI, absolute rest , sometimes med doesnt whispering, increase hydration infectious laryngitis
total removal of larynx. treatment via TEP, esophageal Speech (PE) electrolarynx.transplant laryngectomy
white patches, additive leisions.into subepithelial space. benign but may turn cancerous. caused from irriation esp. heavy smoking, LPR, and papillovirus.minor alteration in voice Leukoplakia dark cavern/moist airway of child,under 6 yrs of age. 4.3/100,000. short breath. 20% persist. medical surgery.doesnt cure papilloma
265 Hz when young,growth 8 yrs in girls, 11-12 in boys, 17 . pubertal changes
gastroesophogeal reflux or laryngopharyngeal reflux. 4-10% chronic morning hoarseness, bad breath,sour., cough, head lower - worse. glottal red, ulcer, granuloma. Reflux
congential/acquired. maybe vocal abuse or LPR. furrowed medial edge. cause is unknown. strained, little pitch change, dificulty being loud, aphonia, to create vertical incisions/injection sulcus vocalis
high pitch,rough,stridor,shortbreath.3/4 web will cross glottis,temp trach after surgery,acquired bilateral,trauma,surgery can cause webbing webbing( syncheia)
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