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Stack #56157

Haemophilus influenzae small coco bacilli satelite growth around other colonies on BAP respiratory droplets spread infection
H. influenzae encapsulated- life threatening meningitis, b serotype non-encapsulated- locaolized infections
Haemophilus ducrei not normal flora STD- chanhroid ulcer, tropics look like school of fish on slide
Haemophilus aegyptius eye infection long rods
Haemophilus gram neg rods, pale pink, capnophiles(CO2) normal flora urinary tract
Special growth requirements Hemin=factor X, NAD=factor V, nicotine adenine dinucleotide, temp & moisture sensitive, plate immediately
Pasteurella gram negative small bacilli rods, non-motile, glucose fermentors
Pasteurella tests oxidase, indole, urease positive
Pasteurella multocida not normal flora, may be normal flora of animal handlers, infection from dog scratch/bite, treat with PCN
pasteurella tests urease negative, grows well on BAP & Choc agar
Mannheimia haemolytica grows well on BAP & Choc agar, indole & urease negative
Suttonella indologenes rare eye infection
Bisgaerds taxonella dog bite wound
CBC group EF-4a bite wounds
Campyl, Arco & Heliobacter small moitle curved rods, gram stain faintly pink, majority are pathogens
Campyl, Arco & Heliobacter found in GI tract & reproductive tract of animals, poultry major source, majority are pathogens
Syndromes of Campyl & Arcobacter febrile systemic disease-fever, periodontal disease, GI disease- most common, arco spp, does not multipy in food but may in water
C. jejuni raw milk, undercooked poultry, contaminted waste
jejuni AIDS pats can cause meningitis & endocarditis, post infection complication-Guillan-Barre syndrome
Specimen-Campyl, Arco & Heliobacter fecal or blood, Cary-Blair medium 4 transport
Plate-Campyl, Arco & Heliobacter skirrows agar, Campy agar, columbia agar w/lysed horse serum
Morph-Campyl, Arco & Heliobacter seagull wing, direct exam
Helicobacter pylori human stomach, biopsy, grows slowly
Test-Helicobacter pylori urease, catalase & oxidase positive
Helicobacter pylori cont treat with triple drug therapy, relapses occur, serodiagnostic tests
Legionnairres Disease Legionella pneumophila, Phila 1976, fatal 10-20% casea
Morph-Legionnairres Disease gram negative rod, stains faintly pink/red thin, giemsa or silver stain as backup
Cont-Legionnairres Disease media must contain L-cysteine & a pH 6.9, need deep sputum specimen
Plate-Legionnairres Disease BYCE-buffered charcoal yeast extract, w/polymixin B, anisomycin, cetamandole to fill any fungus
Location-Legionnairres Disease found in lakes, rivers, marine water, moist soils; man made- AC ducts, cooling towers, humidifiers, hot tubs
Trans-Legionnairres Disease not transmitted from person-2-person, can live outside the cell & in macrophages, needs a moist environment
Antigen-Legionnairres Disease respiratory secretions, DFA-direct fluorecence antibody
BYCE_Legionnairres Disease gray/white to blue/green; glistening convex, circular; cut-glass apperance
Treat-Legionnairres Disease resistant to PCN; erythromycin first or bactrim, rifampin, zithromax
Bordetella pertussis human only host, whooping cough; paratussi less severe, bronchiseptia-normal animal flora; is an abligate aerobe
Test-Bordetella pertussis gram negative, faintly staining, enhance w/safranin O counterstain; coccibacilli-single or pairs; oxidase & urease positive; grows BAP &MAC; non-motile
Causes-Bordetella pertussis human urt infections; attaches to respiratory ciliated epithelial cells-adhesins; paralyze beating cilia w/tracheal toxin; Pertussis Toxin
Catarrhal stage cold symptoms for weeks
Paroxysmal stage violent cough for 1-4 weeks
Convalescent stage symptoms slowly decrease, 6 months post infection
Specimen-Bordetella pertussis nasopharyngeal swab during cough or aspirates; DFA stain w/polyclonal AB
Treat-Bordetella pertussis erythromycon
Prevent-Bordetella pertussis vacine, need booster shot; DPT
Created by: dodge1500