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The play Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen&some critics of him

Oswald's illness represents useless ideals
light represents honesty in facing facts
darkness represents dark recesses of the soul & the lying about reality
fire represents purification and a bringing to light
this critic admits flaws in Ghosts, but says it was important technically & historically Archer
this critic says Ibsen was a romantic thinker, but realistic writer Koht
this critic said Ibsen was exposing the harm in a commitment to ideals Mencken
this critic said Ibsen introduces the discussion as a part of the play and the real test of a playwright Shaw
which critic said:"instead of a complicated plot, this author states, Ibsen shows us scenes through "a terrifying keyhole"" Menken
which critic said: This piece asserts that Ibsen saw idealism as a social force on all types of people and refers to the "mischief of idealism" Shaw
which critic said: Part of the technique discussed in this piece is "tricking the spectator into forming a meanly false judgment, and then convict him of it in the next act." Shaw
which critic's essay addressed the objective anti-idealist plays and the technical novelty in Ibsen's plays Shaw
which critic claims that in this type of play, drama arises from the conflict of unsettled ideals, rather than "accidents". Shaw
wich critic points out some of the "flaws" of Ghosts Archer
which critic points out that the character manders is more of a "type" than an individual Archer (but Shaw quotes Archer)
which critic asserts that Doll's House is kept alive by its exhibition of human nature, marriage, and jealousy Shaw
which critic says that despite its flaws, Ghosts is an important play because it is "technical[ly] and spiritual[ly] original" Archer
which critic says Ibsen's plays did not "caress and soothe," but "arrested and shocked" Mencken
which critic points out that Ibsen believed in all the things that "the normal, law-abiding citizen of Christendom believes in" Mencken
which critic said One of the hallmark's of Ibsen's style was simplicity Mencken
which critic poitns out that the "catastrophe" of the play is perhaps a little too sudden and exaggerated Archer
which character says "I am a sick man, mother. I can't be much taken up with other people; I have enough to do thinking about myself" Oswald
which character is dying of an illness Oswald
which characters are obsessed with the ideal of duty Mrs. Alving and Manders
what does the orphanage, that was going to be in Mr. Alving's name, become a "refuge for wandering mariners" a prostitution estabilshment
which character says "Everything will burn. All that recalls father's memory is doomed. Here am I, too, burning down." and what is this character refering to Oswald and the he's comparing to the burning of the orphanage with his dying of the illness (everything his father has done is coming undone to reveal his true personality)
which character says "And unfortunately I cannot tell how long I shall be able to retain control of these things-whether public opinion may not compel me to retire. It entirely depends upon the result of the official inquiry into the fire--" Manders
which character is a religious figure Manders
which character is a servant Regina
which characters are Mr. Alving's children Regina & Oswald
what is the first sign of Oswald becoming more like his father smoking his father's pipe
which characters died before the play began Mr.(Captain) Alving and Johanna
who is Johanna the servant Mr. Alving committed adultary with and got pregnant with Regina
where does Mrs. Alving live? in Norway's countryside
who did Mrs. Alving run to after she tried to leave her unhappy marriage (hint: this person reminded her of her duty) Manders
what physical deformity does Jakob Engstrand have a deformed leg
which character sent Oswald to Paris to live with artists so that he wouldn't learn about his father's faults Mrs. Alving
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