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Gentry- Scarlet Ibis


to turn sharply, quickly, awkwardly, on the verge of losing control careen
a large porch or veranda; an open square in Europe piazza
withered, dying, and/or diseased blighted
one part or section of a larger thing clove
an act or statement that violates something precious, holy, or sacred to one's deepest beliefs and values heresy
to damage, soil, or even destroy mar
impending; just about to happen imminent
fetal membrane that sometimes covers a baby's head at birth caul
determined; tenacious; stubborn dogged
dangerously balanced and liable to fall precariously
characterized by shifting prismatic colors, like those on the edge of a bubble iridescent
a large fleet, as of ships armada
having a thin covering of gold; a golden tint gilded
a deep red vermilion
slowly faded away evanesced
incapable of error or failure infallibile
being incorrect or untrue; being sickly and disabled invalid
to unite or weld together something that is cracked, separated, or broken solder
Created by: legentry