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Airline Abbreviation

Communication process of airline operations

A/C Aircraft
ACM Additional crew member rider
ADV Advise
AGT Agent
ALT Alternate
AOA Aircraft Operational Area
AOG Aircraft on ground
AOSSP Aircraft Operatior Standard Security Program
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
ARR Arrive/Arrival
ASAP As soon as possible
ATA Actual time of arrival
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATD Actual departure time
UT Authorize/Authorized
AVBL Available
BPD Board(ed)(ing)
CHD Child
CHG Charge
CHNG Change
CHTR Charter
CK-IN Check In
CLSD Closed
CXLD Canceled
COMAIL Company mail
COMAT Company Material
CRO Complaint Resolution Official
CSA Customer Service Agent
DEP Depart(ed)(s)(ure)
DEST Destination
D/H Deadhead
DX Dispatch
DLY Delay
DVT Divert(ed)(ing)
EMK Emergency Medical Kit
EQ Equipment
EST Estimate/d
ETA Estimated ime of arrival
ETD Estimated time of daparture
FAM Famliarization
FCST Forecast
FIDS Flight Information Display System
FIM Flight Interruption Manifest
FLIFO Flight Information
FLT Flight
FOD Foreign Object Debris
FYI For your information
GOA Ground Operations Agent
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GPU Ground Power Unit
GSC Ground Security Coordinator
HDQ Headquarters
INF Infant
INOP Inoperative
J/S Jump seat
LAE Late arriving equipment
LEO Law Enforcement Officer
MAAS Meet and assist
MECH Mechanical
MIN Minimm(s)
MNT Maintenance
MSCN Misconnect(ed)(ion)
MSG Message
MX Mechanical
NOA Notify On Arrival
NOO Not Operating
NOTAM Notices to Airmen
NOREC No record customer
NRPS Non-revenue Positive Space
NRSA Non-revenue Space Available
NSTOP Non-Stop
OPS Operations Office
ORIG Originate/s/ing
OT On Time
OW One Way
PAWOB Pax Arriving Without bag
PAX Passenger and/or Customer
PDT Pacific Daylight Tme
PNR Passenger Name Record
POB Portable Oxygen bottle
POSS Possible
PPBM Positive Passenger Bag Match
PSGR Customer
PST Pacific Sandad Time
P/U Pickup
RFND Refund
RES Reservation
RWY Runway
RON Remain overnight
RT Round trip
RTN Return
SA Space Avalable
SOC System Opratios Control
SPCL Special
SSR Special Servic Rquest
STBY Standby
STN Station
SVC Service(ed)(ing)
Created by: sweet2blea
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