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PEN hang
JUVEN young
TUD state of
TELE far
KIN motion
CYCLE circle
AB away
IDIO peculiar
FULG shine
TRUDE push
PAN all
LAV wash
PART divide
MULTI many
VENUS love
DEMO people
MAN hand
FIC make
POS put
AMPHI both
FUS part
FRACT break
LINGU tongue
BALL throw
PROB test
CONTRA against
TEMPS (tempor) time
HYPER over
GERM related
HAUT (alt) high
CURS run
OMNI all
CREA create
TAPH tomb
ONTO being
CHOREO dance
PECUNI money
SEM feign
VIV life
TOP place
NIHIL nothing
SER dry
AM love
PLEX weave
PHYTE plant
MENS measure
DOL grief
MOLL soft
ETH custom
EPI on
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