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HIT 65

Glossary A-F

Abortion/Aborted Includes mothers for whom the pregnancy has terminated
Admitted after Delivery Includes mothers for who the pregnancy terminated before reaching the hospital, regardless of whether the infant is liveborn or is a fetal death.
Ancillary service Tests, procedures, and services, generally performed on an outpatient basis.
Anesthesia Death Death caused by an anesthetic agent.
Autopsy Inspection and partial dissection of a dead body to learn the cause of death and the nature and extent of disease
Available for Hospital Autopsy The body of a current or former hospital patient that has been transported to the appropriate facility for autopsy
Average daily inpatient Census (Average Daily Census) Average number of inpatients peresent each day for a given period of time.
Bar chart Bars (rectangles) extend horizontally.
Bed Capacity The number of beds that a health care facillity was designed and built to house.
categorical Data Data that can be sorted into a category. It includes nominal, ordinal, intervalk and ratio data.
census Count; an official count of people
Chart A graphic presentation illustrating data using only one quantitative coordinate. the most common charts are column, bar, line, and pie charts
Column Chart Bars (rectangles) extend vertically.
Community-Acquired infection An infection that presents itself within 72 hours of admission to the hospital
Comorbidity A preexisting condition that will, because of its presence with a principal diagnosis, increase the stay at least one day in 75 % of cases.
comparison Bar/Column Chart Two or more sets of data are plotted side by side or stacked on top of each other (stack bar or percent stack bar).
Comparison Line Chart plots more than one set of data on the same chart
Daily Inpatient Census (DIPC) the number of patients present at the census-taking time each day plus any inpatients who were admitted and discharged (A&) after the census-taking time th eprevious day.
Day on leave of Absence A day occurring after the admission and prior to the discharge of a hospital inpatient during which the patient is not present at census-taking time because he/she is on leave of absence from the hospital.
Delivered in the Hospital Includes mothers for whom the pregnancy has terminated in the hospital, regardless of whether the infant is live born or is a fetal death.
Delivery Expelling of a product of conception or having it removed from the body. Multiple births are considered a single delivery. A delivery may include either a live infant or a dead fetus.
Descriptive Statistics Data that describe a population (group) without drawing conclusions about a larger group.
Direct maternal Death Death directly related to pregnancy.
Discrete Data data that represent distinct values or observations and contain only finite numbers
Frequency Distribution Data organized into classes or categories.
Frequency Distribution Table Table of the data in a frequency distribution.
Frequency Polygon similar to a lline chart but with both ends of the distribution connected to the baseline at the 0 frequency level.
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