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J Deserts Mount


Bolivia lost this extremely dry and mineral rich desert to Chile in 1889 Atacama
This Mongolian desert known for sandstorms is the coldest and most northern desert in the world and take its name from the Mongolian word for desert Gobi
Mongolia and China share this largest Asian desert. Subdivisions of this desert include the Ka-Shun, Dzungarian & Trans-Altai Gobi
This desert is home to Africa's Bushmen and one of the world's largest diamond mines is located in Orapa, Botswana and was crossed by Livingstone Kalahari
Desert found in Arizona and named after a Mexican state Sonoran
This desert ranges almost as far north as Albuquerque & as far south as Mexico's state of Zacatecas and has a canine name Chihuahuan
This desert means "black sand" in Turkmen Kara Kum
This 25,000-square-mile California desert includes Joshua Tree National Park Mojave
Beersheba is one of the main cities of this desert region of Israel Negev
The world's largest unbroken expanse of sand is the Rub Al-Khali, or "Empty Quarter", of this desert Arabian
This country's deserts include the Gibson, Great Sandy & Great Victoria Australia
Australia's largest desert, it was first crossed in 1875 by Ernest Giles & named for a monarch Great Victoria
This desert occupies a part of Pakistan & much of India's Haryana & Rajasthan states Thar
Lt. Joseph Ives is credited with having been the first to call a brilliantly colored desert in Arizona this Painted Desert
This largest Canadian mountain is found in the Yukon Territory Mount Logan
This continent has only one mountain exceeding 16,000 feet: Vinson Massif Antarctica
This Argentine mountain is the highest in the Western Hemisphere Aconcagua
This Turkish peak is Armenia's symbol and can be seen from Yerevan. James Irwin tried several times to find Noah's Ark on it Ararat
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