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TCM Lab I: Brown T1

An overview of TCM Lab I for Loocie Brown

Full Heat red, thick, yellow
Full Heat fast and full (p)
xu yang slow and deep (p)
xu yang pale, swollen, wet
xu bld pale, thin, dry
xu bld thin, choppy
xu qi pale, swollen
xu qi empty, weak
xu yin floating, fast, empty
xu yin red, peeled, or No TC
qi stag purple
qi stag excess and tight
bld stag wiry, thin, choppy
bld stag purple
phl fire distub HT red, greasy, yellow TC
phl fire distub HT slippery, fast
phl damp greasy thick white
phl damp slippery
wind ht thin, red, yellow, or thin white
wind ht fast and floating
HT fire blazing red w/ ulcers
HT fire blazing fast and floating
Retention of phl ht greasy yellow red
Retention of phl ht slippery, fast, full, and floating
Tai Yang Stage body ache is key, ex w-cold invasion w/ wei/LU qi xu
Tai Yang Points GB20, DU16, BL12, 13, LI4, KD7, LU7, TW5
Tai Yang Key points LI4 (tonify), KD7 (disperse)
Yang Ming Stage 4 bigs=pulse, sweat, fever, thirst
YM Stage also irritability / restlessness
YM tx prince clr ht, reduce fever, moisten replenish fluids, stop sweat
YM points DU14, LI4, LI11, ST44
YM tongue and pulse red, dry tongue, dry yellow TC, gigantic pulse
SY symptoms alt chills and fever, pain TW, GB channels
TY tongue + pulse tongue: normal, thin-white tc
TY tongue + pulse floating, weak, xu pulse
TY tx prince creat sweat, release ext expel wind, harm Y+W, nourish xu
SY t and p normal w/ bumps, dots on side, thin white tc; p=wiry
SY tx prince harmonize LV/GB
SY Pts Dai, LV3, GB34, ST36, PC6, SP4, PC5
T Yin t and p pale or pink, white TC; slow tight or soft
T Yin s n s progression of cold into intertior (SP cold sx)
T Yin tx prince regulate middle, warm MW, disp cold/pain
T Yin points moxa ab, ST36, BL20,21, CV10, LV13, PC6,SP4, ST25, moxa CV4,6, BL23,
SYin t and p pale, white tc, p=sinking, weak
SY yin sx curls up a lot, no spirit, dull shen, cold sx (SP+freque urine), edema chest ect
SY tx prince restore yang, reverse inward energy, expel cold
JY sx delirium, ht up / cold below, feverishness, anorexia, vertex H/A
JY t and p red or pink or pale and flabby; thick and greasy or thin
JY tx prince clr worms, clean ht, revive yang
JY points moxa too, CV4,6,8; ST25, GV14, LI11, LV3, ST36, CV17
Created by: brendancarney