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Command Post Admin

Training and Certification / CP Admin

What type of training ensures that controllers remain knowledgeable in all areas pertinent to their unit's mission? Recurring Training.
Name the types of CP examinations? Written (Open - and - Closed Book) and Scenario Training.
What is the purpose of refresher training? To familiarize a new controller with the local procedures and command -unique mission requirements of the gaining unit. It also re-certifies controllers who have been away from home station not preforming their command's C2 duties for 60 days.
What are the AF approved certification areas for CP personnel? C2OP, mission monitoring, operational reporting, emergency actions and mission management.
Who must interview assigned controllers prior to their certification? The certifying official.
What type(s) of training can result in certification? Initial and refresher training.
How much time does active duty, full time ANG, or Air Force Reserve Command controllers have to prepare for certificating? 90 calendar days.
Who may the wing commander delegate re-certifying a controller who has been TDY outside of the command post in excess of 60 days? The CP Chief.
What is every CP's training program based upon? MAJCOM guidance, supported command guidance, host/tenant unit agreement and the 1C3X1 CFETP
Name two ways a controller can actively participate in the learning process? (1) Prepare and present a briefing at training meeting. (2) Assist in preparing a performance script or written examination.
Who establishes air traffic control ara in combat zones? Combat controllers.
List two persons / agencies that could assist you if you have trouble in training? (1) Supervisor. (2) Trainers. (3) Coworkers. (4) Training Managers.
What, at a minimum, must be covered in the work center orientation? The trainee duties, duty hours, safety requirements and the responsibilities of the trainee, task certifier and the supervisor.
Within how many calendar days of your arrival should your supervisor conduct the initial training evaluation? What are some subjects covered? 60 days. Duty position and deployment, local or unique training, formal/informal training and CDC requirements
What folder provides a complete history of past training and current qualifications for airmen basic through technical sergeant? AF Form 623
What type of information is centered on the 623A? Training status, counseling, initial evaluation and break in training.
What is the central website for accessing, viewing, downloading and printing electronic publications and forms? Air Force publication website.
What term describes a publication as it is originally issued? Basic publication.
What is a revised publication? A publication that is re-written and new copies are distributed.
What are the two categories of Air Force Publications? (1) Directive. (2) Non-directive.
Why are directive publications necessary? To meet the requirements of law, safety, security, or other areas where common direction and standardization benefit the AF.
What are the orders of the Secretary of the Air Force that are usually drafted a the MAJCOM level? AFI's
What is the purpose of OIs? Responsibilities, direct action and prescribed procedures within an organization elements or functional areas.
What is the purpose of conducting a SI? It is the formal system in place to ensure all aspects of administrative, operational and management programs are being run according to the applicable governing directives (AFI's, AFMANs, OIs ect. )
How often should a SI be conducted for an active duty CP and ARC CP? Semi-annually and annually.
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