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Caesar Characters

Character list for The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Dominate member of the first Roman Triumvirate. Politician with military victories that made him beloved by the people. Julius Caesar
member of the triumvirate after Julius Caesar’s death. Heir to Julius Caesar Octavius Caesar
Caesar’s protégé, member of the triumvirate after Caesar’s death Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony
Third member of the triumvirate after Caesar’s death, but not respected as an equal by the other two Lepidus
senators Cicero, Publius, Popilius Lena:
friend of Caesar, manipulated into a conspiracy against him. Beloved by the people, truly cares for the good of Rome and its people Marcus Brutus
conspirator against Julius Caesar, manipulates Marcus Brutus into joining the conspiracy Cassius
conspirator who reports to Brutus and Cassius that Caesar was offered the crown in Act I Scene ii Casca
Conspirators against Caesar Trebonius, Ligarius, Metellus Cimber, Cinna
conspirator who convinces Caesar to come to the capital on the day of his planned assassination Decius Brutus
tribunes who scold the commoners for their praise of Caesar in Act I Scene i Marullus and Flavius
a teacher of rhetoric who tries to warn Caesar through a letter Artemidorus
prophet/fortune teller who warns Caesar A Soothsayer
an innocent poet Cinna
Friends to Brutus and Cassius Lucilius, Titinius, Messala, Young Cato, Volumnius
Servants to Brutus Varro, Clitus, Claudius, Strato, Lucius, Dardanius
Servant to Cassius Pindarus
Wife to Caesar Calpurnia
Wife to Brutus Portia
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