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BCS Roll Thunder

"BCS" Roll of Thunder vocabulary chapter 4

encircled go completely around - a circle around
denied declare untrue; refuse to accept as true; contradict
subdued to quiet, or bring under control; reduced or low intensity
enveloping to enclose completely
sprawling to spread out in a disorderly fashion
envisioned to picture in the mind; imagine
spindly tall or long or thin appearance; in a way that suggests weakness
verandas a porch or balcony, usually roofed
teeming to be full of things, swarm
promenading a leisurely walk taken for pleasure, to display one's finery
mercantile general store
bland without flavor, plain
retaliated to return evil for evil; to get back at someone
gruffly rough or harsh in manner or speech
solemnly serious
Created by: bcsstudent