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Galax Vocab 2

vocabulary 2

Microsoft Office Button The button that allows you to create a new document, save a document, print a document, or open a previously created document.
Ribbon The tabs, groups, buttons/galleries, dialog box launcher make up the ___.
To move up or down one page at a time, click the Scroll bar
Toggle A key that switches the computer back and forth from one function to another - examples include caps lock, insert, and NumLock.
Font The appearance of printed characters
Point A measure used in determining the size of a character used in text.
Italicize To cause text to be slanted.
Century Gothic is an example of a(n) typeface
Selected text Another name for highlighted text.
Screen tip When you point to an icon with your mouse, a ______ appears with a description of the function.
Margin The blank area that frames a document.
Enter The key that moves the cursor to the left margin of the next line, creating a hard return.
Wordwrap A function of software that automatically moves the cursor to the next line when the text exceeds the margin.
Line spacing button Before you begin typing a word document, confirm that the line spacing is correct by clicking the _______.
Created by: Ms. Howell