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cscs Chap. 1

Muscular, Neuromuscular, Cariovascular, and Respiratory Systems

What part of the brain controls skeletal muscles? Cerebral cortex
Strength and Conditioning professionals are concerned with... Maximizing physical performance
Strength and Conditioning professionals design programs to... increase muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.
Epimysium is continuous with the tendons at the ends of the muscle surrounding what? The muscle belly
Tendons attach to bone... Periosteum
Muscle cells are called__________. Muscle fibers
Under the epimysium muscle fibers are grouped in bundles called____________. Fasciculi
Each fasciculi is surrounded byconnective tissue called___________. Perimysium
Each muscle fiber is surrounded by connective tissue called___________. Endomysium
Each muscle fiber is surrounded by the endomysium and enriched by a continuous membrane called the___________. Sarcolemma
The name of a nerve cell Motor Neuron
The junction between a motor neuron and the muscle fiber it innervates is called the____________ or____________. Motor end plate, neuromuscular junction.
A motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates are called a_____________. motor unit
When muscle fibers are stimulated by the motor neuron they _______________. Contract together
The cytoplasm of a muscle fiber that contains contractile components. Sacroplasm
_________ contain the apparatus that contracts the muscle cell, this is called the ___________ Myofibrils, sarcomere
The sarcomere contains two types of myofilaments, __________ and ________. Myosin, actin
Globular heads called __________ protrude away from the _______ filament. cross bridges, myosin
The _______ filament consists of two strands that are arranged in a _______ _______ Actin, Double Helix
_______ actin filaments surround each myosin filament. 6
Each actin filament is surrounded by ______ myosin filaments. 3
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