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Pathophysiology Ch 8

Ch 8 Stress & Disease

Define Stress. The state of affairs arising when a person relates to (i.e., interacts or transacts with) situations in a certain way.
What are the 3 structural changes in rats subjected repeatdly to noxious stimuli (stressors)? 1. Enlargement of cortex of adrenal gland 2. Atrophy of the thymus gland & other lymphoid tissues 3. Gastointestinal ulceration.
What is GAS? (General Adaptive Syndrome) A nonspecific physiologic response to any long-term stressor.
What are the 3 stages of the General Adaptive Syndrome? 1. The Alarm Stage-(triggers sympathetic nervous system, ie. body's defenses of fight or flight.) 2. The Stage of Resistance/Adaptation (Mobilization contributes to fight or flight) 3. The Stage of Exhaustion (Impaired Immune Response
True or False? Stress can produce both a reactive & anticipatory responses to pschologic stressors? True
What is a stressor? A demand that exceeds a person's coping abilities thereby resulting in reactions such as disturbances of cognition, emotion, and behavior that can adverse affect well-being.
True or Fasle? Cortisol supresses the inflamatory response? True
Define Psychoneuroimmmunology. (PNI) The study of how the consciusness, brain & spinal cord, and body's defense against external infection and abnormal cell division interact.
What happens in the Alarm stage of GAS? Increased sympathetic activity
True or False? Glucocorticoids whould be highest during the stage of Resistance? True.
CRF is released by the hypothalamus? True.
True or Fasle? Stressors are the same for all individuals? False. (Stessors are different for all individuals.)
True or False? Heredity, past experience, & diet are all stimuli that may be stressors for an individual? True.
True or False? Cortisol increases protein catabolism? True.
In response to stress, the adrenal cortex secrets ___________and ___________. cortisol and aldosterone.
True or Fasle? Increased heart rate, a rise in epinephrine levels, and changes in breathing patterns are all results of a severe stress. True.
What are Corticoids? They are secreted by the adrenal cortex in response to stress.
True or False? Anticipatory response occurs when the body mounts a physiologic response in anticipation of disruption of homeostasis. True.
True or False? Reactive response is a psychologic response derived from psysiologic stress? True.
True or False? Psychologic stress may cause or exacerbate several diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, and infectious diseases. True.
True or False? Endorphins cause pain. False. (Endorphins relieve pain.)
True or False? Testosterone causes immunosuppression. True.
True or False? Somatotropin is supressed by chronic stress. True.
True or False? Oxytocin has antistress properties. True.
True or False? Prolonged stress leads to suppression of growth hormone. True.
True or False? IL-1 is produced by macrophages and stimulates the release of Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF). True.
True or False? Corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) is released by the hypothalamus. True.
True or False? Coping is the process of managing stressful challenges that tax the individual's resources. True.
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