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Chapter 21 Swahili

-enye having, possessing, with, etc.
sifa (good) reputation (i.e. praise, commendation) (N-)
mnanasi/mi pineapple plant
ujuzi knowledge, experience (U-;cf. -jua 'know')
utaratibu care, order, orderliness, carefulness, etc.
afadhali better, preferable (cf. (ni) afadhali 'it would be better')
-CHUKUA take, carry
damu blood
-enda zake go one's way
hai alive (cf. uhai)
hekima common sense (N-)
hodari brave, clever, skillful, etc. (cf. uhodari 'bravery, skill')
-kali sharp, bitter, fierce, pungent
-kataa refuse, say no
kwao their home, their place
maarifa information, knowledge, facts (MA- only)
mara moja at once
mfu/wa dead person (here used as an adjective modifying simba)
mfupa/mi bone
miongoni mwa among
mwenzi/w- companion
mwenzao their companion (mwenzi + wao)
wenzake his companions (mwenzi + wake)
ngozi skin (N-)
pori/ma- wilderness, bush, uninhabited place
rafiki/ma friend
-rudi return
-rudisha return (cause to return; transitive)
-rudishia return to/for (e.g. return something to someone)
-ruka fly, jump
-rukia fly at, jump at
-shuka come down, climb down, get down
simba lion (N-)
-tia put,place, set into
-tunza care for
-ua kill
uhai principle of life, state of being alive
uhdari courage, skill
uzima wholeness
wale those
-weka put down
yule that
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