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english 10 2

beseech ask or plead
hinder obstruct
impart make known
feeble weak
seldom rarely
perilous dangerous
resolution firm decision
apparent easily seen or understood
valiant brave
laments grieves or mourns
confounded confused
appeased quitted
ingratitude ungratefulness
covert secret
endure tolerate
gallant noble
proclaim announce publicly
falter waver
enmity hostility
preminentimost excellent
vivacious lively
expanded explained
cryptic mysterious
obstinate stubborn
irrepressable unmanageable
indefatigable untiring
ignominous humilatating
pretext alleged reason
reconciled brought oneself to accept
capitulated gave up
procure to detain
dejectively unhappily
complicity involvement in a wrong act
contemptuously disrespectfully
taciturn reluctant
intimatded hinted implied
pretentious making unjustified claims
truncheons police officer clubs
interminable to seem of no end
inexorable not to be persuaded
rasp irritate
rectify to correct by removing errors
zealot passionate
inextricable a maze that you cant escape from
bureaucrat government official
reverence honor or respect shown or felt
orthodox conforming to be an established doctrine
prosaic plain or dull
exhortation language used to encourage
impudent cocky boldness
ingenious original resourceful
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