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Beowulf Vocab

Vocab unit 1- Beowulf

scourge a case of suffering or affliction
foundling infant found after its parents have abandoned
revere to show respect or deference
renege to go back on a promise or commitment
harrow to torment
din a loud continuous noise
respite a period of delay
malignant evil in nature
valiant brave, bold
formidable causing awe, intimidating
resolute marked by firm determination; steady
seasoned experienced
retainer a person who owes service to a household; a servant
stalwart marked by outstanding strength and bravery
desolate joyless; sorrowful; also alone
reprisal retaliation
moor a large open stretch of wild land (mainly British)
bane a source of harm or ruin
spurned rejected
ignominious dishonorable; shameful
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