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HES 220

Sport Facilities

Access A way or means of approaching, entering, getting, using, etc.
Aestetics A branch of philosophy dealing with the nature, creation, and appreciation of beauty.
Ancillary Areas Areas that provide support functions for the primary building attractions
Architect Designation reserved, usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform services including, but not necessarily limited to, analysis of project requirements, creation and development of the project design.
Area-Elastic Surfaces Allow for dispersion of impact, where a bouncing object, or an individual jumping, is felt approximately 20 inches around the point of impact.
Attractive Nulsance It is a doctrine that holds if a person creates a condition on his/her premesis that may reasonably be constructed to be the source of danger to children
Brightness The luminous intensity created by direct emission of light from a source by transmission through a translucent medium or by reflection from a surface.
British Thermal Unit The quantity of heat (252 calories) required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at or near its point of maxium density.
Building Permit A document issued by appropiate governmental authority allowing constuction of a project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications
Candlepower The luminous intensity or illuminating capacity of a standard candle, as a lamp measured in candles.
Certification of Occupancy A document issued by a government authorit certifying that all or a designated portion of a building compiles with the provisions of applicable statutes and regulaions, and permitting occupancy for its designated use.
Code A legal requirement legislated by federal, state, and/or local government describing legally how a building must be built, including electrical, mechanical, and structural.
Crowned Field A curved playing surface with the summit or highest point at the middle, running lengthwise.
Decibel The unit for measuring the relative loudness of sounds.
Easement A right or privilege that a person may have on anothers land, as the right-of-way.
Egress A way out to grade level around a building.
Eminent Domain The legal right of federal, state, and local governments to take any property required for public purpose.
Footcandle The illumination at a point on a surface that is one foot from and perpendicular to a uniform point source of one candle. A lighting term used to denote quantity.
Footlambert A unit of brightness of a surface or of a light source- equals one lumen per square foot
Foreseeability The reasonable anticipation that harm or injury is a likely result from certain acts or omissions.
General Contractor Individual responsible for consructing and finishing floors, walls, ceiling, steel structure, built-in cabinets, sidewalks, driveways, doorways, windows, and other things not completed by the electrical and mechanical contractors.
Glare The sensation produced by brightness within the visual field that are sufficiently greater than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted to cause annoyance, discomfort, or loss in visual performance and visibility
Humidity Moisture content of the air expressed in percent of maximum.
Indirect Lighting The act of reflecting light to create a clean and pleasant form of light arrangement in an indoor or outdoor space.
Indoor Air Quality A product of the quality of the fresh air introduced into the ventilation system and the quality of the existing indoor air that is recycled.
In-Kind Contribution An organization, business, or craftsman donates equipment or time to the project in return for a tax deduction.
Liability An unintentional breach of legal duty causing reasonably foreseeable damage.
Light Visible radiation, generally considered to be the electromagnetic radiations of wave lengths between 380 and 780 millmicrons.
Lumen A unit of measure for the flow of light.
Mullion A slender, vertical dividing bar between the lights and windows, screens, etc.
Negligence Lack of ordinary care in one's actions; failure to act as a reasonable and prudent person would in like circumstances.
Optimal Thermal Environmnet Provides conditions that make i possible to dispate body heat in the most effortless manner
Park An area permanently dedicated to recreation use and generally characterized by its natural, historic, and landscape features.
Point Elastic Surfaces Maintain impact effects at the immediate point of contact on the floor, with the ball, object, or individual.
Project The total construction of which the work performed under the contract documents may be the whole or a part, or it could also include the total furniture, furnishings, and equipment.
Reasonable Accommodations Requires that employers and facilities make an accommodation if doing so will not impose an undue hardship on the operation of the business or facility.
Reflectance The percent of light falling on a surface that is reflected by that surface; reflection factor
Reverberation Reflection of light or sound waves.
Sleeper A piece of timber, stone, or steel, on or near the ground to support some superstructure.
Stanchion An upright bar, beam, or post used as a support.
Subcontractor A person or entity who has a direct contract with the general contractor to perform any of the work at the site.
Terra Cotta Claywire having the surface coated with fine slip or glaze; used in the facing of large buildings for relief ornament or statues.
Terrazzo A type of flooring made of small chips of marble set irregularly in cement and polished
Translucent Transmitting light, but scattering it so that details can't be distinguished through the translucent medium.
Transparent Allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be seen distinctly
Floor plan A drawn-scale overhead view of each floor looking down from an imaginary plan cut three to four feet above the floor.
Brick Veneer Sliced brick pieces affixed mortar to a concrete load-bearing wall.
Gunite A popular swimming-pool shell material consisting of cement, sand, and water, that is sprayed onto the mold.
Tile Surface materials of the following types: Ceramic (glazed fired clay), quarry (unglazed semivitreous material extruded from shale or natural clay), and composite (vinyl).
Master plan A projected course of action that includes (a) general site primary objectives, site characteristics (sun, wind, topographic), massing of facilities, functional characteristics, access and transportation characteristics, connection to services and utlitie
Created by: Kblachnik
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