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EKU myco yeast test

The study of fungi is known as mycology
The plural of fungus is Fungi
an infection or disease of fungal etiology is known as mycosis
What is the plural of mycosis mycoses
The ingestion of toxic fungus is known as mycetismus
Intoxication due to a fungal toxin is called mycotoxicosis
A person with a hypersensitivity to fungal antigens has Fungal allergies
Where would you find toxic moulds in housing
If there is a mould problem within a house, what other problem could you expect water problem
Who is the founder of medical mycology David Gruby
When was it demonstrated that favus was caused by fungus 1841
What is the scientific name of favus dermatophyte mould
When was oldium albicans discovered to cause thrush in infants 1842
What type of cells make up fungi? eukaryotic
What does saprophytic mean organism that feeds on dead organic matter
What is the oxygen requirement of fungi? aerobic or facultative
What is the rigid cell wall of fungi made of chitin
What is chitin the rigid cell wall of fungi
What is the optimum temperature that fungi grow at? 15-30 C
What is the optimum pH range that fungi grow at? 6-7
What is the optimum humidity that fungi grow in 95-100%
How do fungi reproduce sporulation
What is the function of the spore dissemination
What does dissemination mean dispersal
What are the two somatic forms of fungi? Yeast and Mould
Yeast is (unicellular or multicellular) unicellular
Mould is (unicellular or multicellular) multicellular
Mould is (filamentous or non filamentous) filamentous
tubular filaments are known as hypha
what is the plural of hypha hyphae
Hypha with crosswalls is known as septate
hypha with no cross wall is known as aseptate
hypha that are colorless are known as hyaline
hypha that are pigmented are known as dematiaceous
The total mass of hyphae which constitute a fungal colony is called mycelium
what is the plural of mycelium mycelia
mycelium that grows above the agar surface is called aerial
mycelium that grows below the agar surface is called vegetative
what is not formed by cleavage conidium
what is the plural of conidium conidia
what is a small, single-celled conidium called microconidium
what is a large septate conidium called macroconidium
What are the two origins of conidia blastic or thallic
what is produced by cleavage and contained within a membrane endospore
sporangium and spherule are examples of what endospores
what is a thick walled resting spore called chlamydospore
these are blown out from a mother cell blastoconidium
these are blastic conidium extruded from conidiogenus cell phialoconidium
what is a conidiogenus cell called phialide
what is the septation and disarticulation of conidiogenus hypha arthroconidium
what is produced through minute pore in wall of conidiophore or previously formed conidium tretoconidium
what is blown out successively from conidiophore that extends to form new apex as each spore is formed sympodioconidium
what is a conidiophore called sympodula
blastoconidium, phialoconidium, arthroconidium, tretoconidium, and sympodioconidium are all types of what kind of sporulation asexual
What is the phylum of water fungi zygomycota
What type of asexual spore does zygomycota have sporangiospore
What is characteristic of zygomycota rapid growth and aseptate
what is the phylum of sac fungi ascomycota
What kind of asexual spore does ascomycota have conidium
What is the phylum of club fungi basidiomycota
what is the type of asexual spore does basidiomycota have conidium
basidiomycota is known to have no? animal pathogens
what phylum is known as the fungi imperfecti deuteromycota
what type of asexual spore does deuteromycota have conidium
What form does mould take in nature saprobic
what form does mould take when infectious parasitic form
Sab or SDA is what sabouraud agar
what is found in sabouraud agar (SDA, Sab) peptone, glucose, pH 5.6
Whatis PDA Potato dextrose agar
What is in potato dextrose agar (PDA) potato infusion, glucose, pH 5.6
What is MEA malt extract agar
what is in malt extract agar (MEA) grain extract, pH4.7
What are three moderately selective media for fungi sabouraud (SDA, Sab), Potato dextrose (PDA), and Malt extract (MEA)
What is BHI brain heart infusion
what is Sabhi a combination of BHI and Sab
What are three non-selective media for fungi Modified sabouraud, brain heart infusion, and sabhi
How are selective media for fungi developed via the addition of antimicrobials
what do chloramphenicol and gentamicin do inhibit bacteria
what does cycloheximide do inhibit saprobic fungi and zygomycetes
what is another name for cycloheximide actidone
What kind of samples can inoculate the surface of media fluids, sputum, urine, supernatant from homogenized tissues
What kind of samples have to inoculate media via the subsurface method skin scrapings, nail clippings, hair, tissue fragments
What temperature will all clinically significant fungi grow at 25-30 C or room temperature
What is 35-37 C used for in primary isolation conversion of dimorphic fungus to parasitic form
How long must cultures be held before being considered negative 4-6 weeks
What can be used for a direct KOH mount Turbid fluids, exudates, sputum, and tissue fragments
Will fungi show up on gram stain yes
Qhat is the usual aqueous solution concentration 10-20% (w/v)
What are two nonspecific fluorochrome stains calcofluor white and congo red
What is the counter stain for calcofluor white evans blue
what is the counter stain for congo red potassium permanganate
What can the fluorochrome method used for wet mounts, smears, and tissue sections
What are the basic criteria for fungal identification growth rate, colony morphology, microscopic morphology, tease mount, microslide culture, lpbc mount, biochemical characteristics, antigenic characteristics
What are some words that can me used to describe colony morphology of fungi velvety, coarse, cottony, wooly
What are the two mycoses that are not exogenous in origin pityriasis versicolor and candidosis
other than pityriasis versicolor and candidosis what are most mycoses exogenous
who is more likely to contract a fungal infection young children, old, and immunocompromised
what makes serological testing hard antigen cross reactivity
What is another name for canidosis candidiasis
What is the most outstanding candida species candida albicans
Are candida species fastidious or opportunistic opportunistic
Where is candidosis acquired endogenous/own flora
What is normally required for a candidosis infection to happen some kind of predisposition, young, old, immunocompromised
Where are the focal infections for candidosis cutaneous, vaginitis, oropharyngeal, keratitis, conjuctivitis, onychomycosis
what is another name for a candidosis infection of the oropharyngeal region thrush
What systemic infections of candidosis pneumonia, arthritis, osteomyelitis, nephritis
What is onychomycosis infection of the nails
What are four laboratory identification methods for candida albicans pseudohyphae on gram stain, germ tube formation in vitro at 37 C, chlamydospores in vitro at RT, carb assimilations
What is another name for large resting spores chlamydospores
What is another name for elongated blastochlamydia pseudohyphae
What mediums can be used for germ tube formation in candida human serum, coagulase plasma and trypic soy broth, rice infusion oxgal Tween 80
What is another name for RIOT agar rice infusion oxgall tween 80
How long must a sample be incubated before seeing germ tubes 37 C up to 3 hours
What is a germ tube somatic hyphae
How can you distinguish between a germ tube and pseudohyphae germ tubs are normally parallel in formation while pseudohyphae are pinched at connection side and bow out
What can distinguish candida albicans from other candida species formation of germ tube!
Where is the location of the chlamydospores in candida albicans termial
what does terminal mean end
what does sessile mean beginning
What two types of agar can be used with candida albicans to show chlamydospore formation corn meal agar or RIOT agar
What temperature do chlamydospores form on RIOT or corn meal agar Room temp
How long does it take for chlamydospores to form on candida albican at room temp 48 hours at least
What API system is used to identify yeasts API 20C Aux
What is the method that the API uses to identify yeast carbohydrate assimilation
What does carbohydrate assimilation mean if the organism is able to use a carbohydrate as a carbon source allowing it to grow
What does fermentation of carbohydrate mean can an organism utilize a carb as a metabolite and yield an acid
What is an older method of identification of yeast yeast wheel
What type of agar did the yeast wheel use corn meal
How many serotypes does cryptococcus neoformans have four
How many varieties does cryptococcus neoformans have two
C. neoformans var neoformans has what serotypes A and D
C. neoformans var gattii has what serotypes B and C
Where can cryptococcus be isolated from soil and fruits, pigeon and chicken manure
What fruit is most likely to have cryptococcus peaches
What kind of capsule does cryptococcus have polysaccharide
Which yeast has a capsule cryptococcus
what do you call a cryptococcus infection cryptococcosis
Around how many species does cryptococcus have? 50
Can cryptococcus affect healthy people yes
What type of pathogen is cryptococcus overt and opportunistic
does cryptococcus form a capsule in nature no
how can one become infected with cryptococcus inhilation
around what percent of people infected with cryptococcus present with menigitis 80
Where may the disseminated disease of cryptococcus affect shin, bones, and other organs
Where can the systemic disease of cryptococcus affect spinal fluid, sputum, and skin
When detecting crytococcus what prep is normally used india ink
what sample is normally used when doing an india ink prep spinal fluid
What type of spinal fluid is okay to use when doing an india ink prep cloudy or turbid
What should be done to spinal fluid if it is clean and you are going to do an india ink prep centrifuge
what would you do an india ink prep on cryptococcus
What stains when an india ink prep is used capsules
does the india ink have a high or low sensitivity low
What are the five ways to get a definitive identification of cryptococcus phenoloxidase/melanin, bird seed agar, staib agar, esculin agar, l-dopa, and caffeic acid
What is found in the bird seed agar niger seed and thistle seed
What color do the colonies of crytpococcus grow on esculin agar brown to black
how long should cryptococcus be incubated before color change on esculin agar 24-48 hours
What is L-DOPA a precursor to dopamine in the brain and found in several food sources
What is caffeic acid It is found in all plants because it is a key intermediate in the biosynthesis of lignin, one of the principal sources of biomass.
What is the latex agglutination used to detect crytococcal
What is the sensitivity of the latex agglutination method 90%
What does the latex agglutination detect cryptococcal capsule antigen
what is coated with latex in the latex agglutination method the antibody
What does CDBT stand for Creatinine dextrose bromothymol blue thymine
What does CGB stand for canavanine, glycine and bromothymol blue
What medium does cryptococcus neoformans var neoformans grow on CDBT
What color does cryptococcus neoformans var neoformans grow on CDBT red orange
What serotype is Cryptococcus neoformans var neoformans d
What medium does cryptococcus neoformans var neoformans not grow on CGB
What serotype is cryptococcus neoformans var grubii A
What medium does cryptococcus neoformans var grubii not grow on CDBT
What serotype is C. gattii B and C
What medium does C. gattii grow on CDGT and CGB
What color does C. Gattii grow on CDGT blue/green
What color does C. Gattii grow on CGB blue
Were is C. Gattii endemic South/Central america
What is C. Gatti associated with eucalyptus trees
On the Chromagar-Candida what color would you see albicans green
On the chromagar- candida what color would you see tropicalis blue
On the chromagar-candida what could would you see krusei mauve with wight border
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