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AMan For AllSeasons

A Man For All Seasons (the play) study questions

What does Chapuys think will send a message of resistance? More's resignation
What does Chapuys call More after talking to him about Wosley? a good man
What does More compare taking an oath to when talking to margaret? water in one's hands
what does Chapuys offer More before leaving the house with his attendents? a letter from the King of Spain
who reads the charges against More Norfolk
Who is the historical woman with whom More was associated; Cromwell tries to use this as evidence of More's treason Maid of Kent
Who reminds More that "God hears the words of our heart" Margret
Who complains of the arduous nature of his work, hoping to get a 'tip' the boatman
More gives up his career, family, friends, freedom but won't give up this his 'self'
based on his 'forester' speech, we can assume More feels man's law is the best means available for protection
if not martyrdom or to make a point, why does More allow himself to die? there is no other way/there is no way out
who says "our natural business lies in escaping" and what is (s)he refering to More: self-preservation
More doesn't critizie anyone in the play except to____________________________(reason & person) enrage and distance himself from Norfolk for Norfolk's safety
What religion is Ropera at the open of Act II? Catholic
Who officially created the Church of England? (who made the law/decree) Parliament
What position does Cromwell offer Rich in exchange for Rich’s false testimony at More’s trial? attorney general of Wales
What did a woman use to attempt to bribe More? an Italian silver cup
Which of the following roles does the Common Man not play:judge, jury, headsman, jailer judge
What is the name of the boat King Henry sails down the Thames to meet Sir Thomas? The Great Henry
How long has More been in jail by the time we see him there in Act Two? one year
What saying does the Common Man come up with to justify the way he treats the imprisoned Thomas More? better to live a rat than a dead lion
Why does More suddenly let Roper marry his daughter? because Roper becomes Catholic
What charge must Cromwell trump up in order to be able to execute Sir Thomas? high treason
Who isn’t mentioned by the Common Man as someone who ends up being executed in the aftermath of the events depicted in the play?:Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer, Richard Rich Richard Rich
Where is More’s house? Chelsea
Where does the family find Thomas when he should be getting ready for the king’s arrival? at vespers
Why does Norfolk participate in the persecution of his friend More? The king ordered him to, so the trial wouldn’t seem unfair
To which character does More display his passionate side? Alice, Roper, and the Jailer
What book of the Bible does Henry quote to support his claim that his first marriage was invalid? Leviticus
What heretic does Cromwell attempt to associate with More? the Holy Maid of Kent
Why does Thomas refuse to tell his family what he thinks about the divorce and the Act of Supremacy? Because he doesn’t want them to have to lie if called to testify against him
What does More burn to warm his house when he is poor? bracken
What is Roper’s religion at the beginning of the play? Lutheran
What job does More recommend that Rich take at the very beginning of the play? school teacher
What does Rich say he will do with the money he gains from selling the silver cup? buy new clothes
What position does Rich take after More first refuses his request for work? Norfolk's librarian
What phrase does the publican repeat in his conversation with Cromwell? "I don't understand, sir"
Who tells More that he’s behaving “like a printed book”? Alice
Henry’s first queen is named Catherine
What does the sea/the water represent? God's will
Does Alice want to learn to read? no
Did Sir Thomas ever meet the Holy Maid of Kent? yes
What was the occupation of Thomas Cromwell's father? farrier
What was the occupation of Cardinal Wosley's father? butcher
What is the name of the woman who tried to bribe Sir Thomas More with the silver goblet that More gave to Richard Rich? Catherine Anger
What languages mentioned in the play besides English did Margaret know? Latin, Greek
What is the nationality of Chapuys? Spanish
What language did John Colet teach Margaret? Greek
What was Margaret's nickname? Meg
Why didn't More want Margaret to marry Will Roper when he first asked her? he wasn't Catholic
What did King Henry mention that he liked about More's home while he was there? his garden
Who recommended to Richard Rich that he should read Machiavelli? Cromwell
What position did Cromwell hold at the beginning of the play? secretary to Cardinal Wolsey
How long did the jury that condemned More to death deliberate? they didn't deliberate
What was More charged with? High treason
What is the name of More's steward? Matthew
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