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Final Exam #1-PM

PM Final Exam #1

A Greek word meaning skilled in the study of cosmetics Kosmetikos
As long ago as 3000 B.C., nail care was practiced in _____ & China. Egypt
The two of _____ are long-term and short-term. Goals
_______ is eagerness to learn, grow, and expand your skills and knowledge. Motivation
A person's physical _____, walk and movements is known as physical presentation. Posture
Regulates and enforces safety and health to protect workplace employees. OSHA
The virus that causes AIDS. HIV
An infectious microorganism capable of infesting almost all plants and animals. Virus
One-celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics. Bacteria
Powerful disinfectant that can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Phenolics
Harmful bacteria Pathogenic
Forms the sides of the head in the ear region. Temporal Bone
The uppermost and largest bone of the arm. Humerus
Large, flat, triangular bone of the shoulder. Scapula
Bones in the palm of the hand Metacarpus
Physical foundation of the body. Skeletal System
Controls the excretion of sweat. Excretory System
The cell membrane acts like a balloon to contain the cytoplasm. True or False False-protoplasm
The superorbital nerve affects the skin of the forehead, scalp, eyebrow, and upper eyelid. True or False True
A chemical process that takes place in living organisms where cells are nourished and carry out their activities is anabolism. True or False False
The muscle of the neck lowers and rotates the head is auricularis posterious. True or False False
The study of the structure, function, and disease of the muscles is myology. True or False True
What is Stratum Germinatiyum? The Basal Cell Layer composed of several layers of differently shaped cells.
What are the benefits of Vitamin A? An antioxidant that can help protect certain types of cancers.
Describe Subcutaneous tissue: Fatty layer found below the dermis.
The hardened keratin plate covering the nail bed is the ________ ______. Natural Plate
A rate of nail growth 1/8 inch per month is average for _____ ______. Normal adult
The nail bed is supplied with many nerves and is attached to the nail plate by a thin layer of tissues called the ______ _______. Bed epithelium
________ is a touch bank of fibrous tissue that connects bones or holds an organ in place. Ligament
Parts of a mature hair strand Root and shaft
The medical term for dandruff Pityriasis
The layer of hair the contributes 80% of the overall strength of the hair Cortex
A chemical side bond that is very different from Hydrogen and Salt Bonds Disulfide
The growth phase of hair Anagen
The lowest area or part of the hair strand Bulb
A type of fungal infection characterized by red papules or spots at the opening of the hair follicle Tinea Capitis
The technical term for brittle hair Fragilitis Crinium
Describe Glycerin: A sweet colorless oily substance
Describe what happens during a Physical Change: A change in the form or physical properties of a substance w/o a chemical reaction or the creation of a new substance.
Describe what Acid, with a pH below 7 does to the hair: Acid contracts and hardens the hair.
What is Combustion? Rapid oxidation of substance accompanied by the production of heat and light.
What is Hydrophilic? The end of the surfactant molecule that is water-attracting. "Water Loving"
A unit that measures the strength of the electric current: AMP
A thermal or heat producing current with a high rate of oscillation or vibration. Tesla high-freq. current
An applicator for directing the electric current from the machine to the client's skin. Electrode
Lines that are parallel to the floor are ________. Horizontal
Generally the ideal face shape is the _________ shape. Oval
The five principles of hair design are proportion, rhythm, emphasis, harmony, and ___________. Balance
The outline or silhouette of a hairstyle is known as the _________. Form
A jaw that is wider than the forehead characterizes the _________ face shape. Triangular
Soft water allows soap and shampoos to do what? Lather freely
A medicated shampoo that contains special chemicals or drugs is effective at doing what? Reducing excess dandruff
A deep conditioner is a chemical mixture of concentrated protein and is used to provide what? Provide treatment when an equal degree of moisturizing and protein is required.
Scalp conditioners, usually found in a cream base, are used for what? Improve the health of the scalp
What is the primary purpose of shampooing in the salon? Cleanse the hair and scalp prior to receiving a service.
What is a styling or cutting comb? An all purpose comb
I am used to remove bulk from the hair: Thinning Shears
Describe Slithering: The process of thinning the hair to graduated lengths with shears. Sliding movement of the shears.
Describe Apex: Highest point of the head
A brush used to speed up the drying process: Vent Brush
This curl permits medium movement: Half stem
Adds considerable weight to the hair by causing strands to join together: Pomade
The stationary foundation of the pincurl closest to the scalp: Base
What is a Hackle: A board of fine upright nails through which human hair extentions are combed
Wigs that are constructed with a combination of ______ hair and _______ human hair are Semi-hand-tied. Synthetic and hand-tied
What does a Straight Rod look like: Equal in diameter along their entire length; produces a uniform curl
What are some unique features of Lithium Hydroxide Relaxers? "No Lye Relaxers" and contain two components thats must be mixed immediately prior to use
What is Thioglycolic Acid: Colorless liquid with a strong unpleasant oder.
Where does Semi-Permanent color live? Partially penetrates the hair shaft and stains the cuticle layer.
What two things does a single-process hair color do at the same time: Lighten and deposit
What is Baliage: Painting lightener directly onto clean styled hair
What colors are used to create the illusion of Volume: Lighter and Warmer
Describe Seborrheic Dermatitis: Inflammation of the sebaceous glands
Describe Stain: Abnormal brown or wine colored stain discoloration with a circular and irregular shapes.
How does Photo-epilation work? Permanet hair removal treatment in which a laser beam is pulsed on the skin inpairing the hair growth
______ is a light, continuous stroking movement applied with the fingers or the palms in a slow rhythmic manner. Effleurage
Skin with obvious large pores with a skiny, thick appearance is _____. Oily
Masks most often used for oily and combination skin are Clay
A thicker and heavier type of foundation that contains more ____ or _____ for heavier coverage are concealers. Talc and pigment
Lash and brow brush is a comb-like brush used to remove excess ________ on lashes or to ________ brows into place. Mascara and comb
To fill in sparse areas of the eyebrows, use eye brow _______. Color
Describe Eggshell Nails: Noticeably thin, white nail plates more flexible then normal
Describe Onychomycosis: Fungal infection of the natural nail plate
What does Nail Conditioner do? Reduces brittleness of the nail plate and mositen the surrounding skin
A product containing softening agents or oils t penetrate dry, flaky skin and calluses that need to be smoothed during a pedicure. Abrasive Scrub
This movement involves deep rubbing of the muscles. Friction Movement
A product containing gentle soaps and moisturizers that are used in a pedicure bath to clean and soften the skin. Foot Soaks
When and with what are nail wraps rebalanced? Rebalanced with resin and new fabric after 2 weeks
What does Linen look like: Closely woven heavy material that is opaque even after adhesive is applied.
What does a Catalyst do to a chemical reaction? Speeds up
What is nail adhesive used for? Securing nail tips to natural nails
You are committed to a strong code of moral and artistic value. Work Ethic
What kind of insurance should you purchase when opening your own business? Malpractice
A chain of five or more salons owned by one individual or two or more partners is what type of chain? Independent
A satisfied client is the best form of what? Advertising
When interviewing for a job be sure to project a warm _______. Smile
When two or more people share ownership. Partnership
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