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WWWB Lesson 8 Vocab

adept adj. highly skilled
audible adj. capable of being heard
azure n. & adj. the blue color of a cloudless sky
banter v. to exchange playful, teasing remarks n. light, playful conversation
capacious adj. able to hold a large amount; roomy
copious adj. large in quantity; abundant
crucial adj. extremely important; vital in resolving something
decelerate v. to slow down or to cause to slow down
deploy v. 1. to arrange troops or equipment in position for battle 2. to put into use
facilitate v. to make easier
fastidious adj. 1. paying close attention to detail 2. difficult to please
fitful adj. not steady; irregular
grapple v. 1. to struggle with in close combat; to wrestle 2. to come to grips with n. an iron shaft with a claw for grasping and holding things
pang n. a sudden sharp feeling of pain or distress
precede v. to go or come before in time, rank, or position
Created by: amauchet