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STELLAR Grade 5 Trivial Pursuit

What is the temperature in Mammoth Cave? 54 degrees F
Who named the White House? Theodore Roosevelt
What is “hardtack”? Ship’s biscuit
What is “Davy Jones’ locker”? The bottom of the sea
What is the birthstone for April? diamond
What two countries border Spain? Portugal, France
What caused the Titanic to sink? an iceberg
How did Mercury serve the Roman gods? as a messenger
What is the tallest waterfall in North America? Ribbon Falls, California
Where is the tallest waterfall in the world? Angel Falls, Venezuela
What is the distance of the Kentucky Derby Race? 1 ¼ miles
What four presidents are pictured on Mount Rushmore? Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington
What is Mauna Loa? volcano
Where is Mauna Loa? Hawaii
Under what river does the Lincoln Tunnel run? Hudson River
Where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Arlington, VA
Who burned the White House in 1814? the British
What was Houdini’s special kind of magic? escape
What are the first seven words of the Constitution? We, the people of the United States…
What race horse won the Triple Crown in 1973? Secretariat
What was Francis Scott Key’s occupation? a lawyer
How many people died in the United States in the blizzard of 1888? 400 people
Where did paper get its name? papyrus, a reed used by Egyptians
What are the beginning words to the Gettysburg Address? Four score and seven years ago…
Who gave the Gettysburg Address? Abraham Lincoln
What was a “piece of eight”? a Spanish coin
What is the world’s largest whale? blue whale
What was the Hindenburg? an airship; a blimp
What is the Blue Grotto and where is it? a cave on the Italian island of Capri, in Italy
Name three places to find quicksand? sand bars, bottoms of streams, sand flats along seacoasts
Created by: mspetter